How To Get Vietnam Tourist Visa For Indian From Australia


Similar to Indian citizens living or staying in almost other countries, the ones from Australia are also able to get Vietnam tourist visa Indian in 2 different ways: by embassy in the country or online for Vietnam visa on arrival. For increasing popularity of the later, the article will disclose its details.

What is vietnam visa on arrival?

All visitors entering Vietnam by air are entitled to lodge visa application online to be granted a visa on landing at all Vietnam’s international airports. As issued by Vietnam Immigration Department, the type of visa has the same legitimacy as the one the applicants receive from the embassies of Vietnam located all over the world.

What benefits from visa on arrival?
1. Fee for Vietnam visa tourist Indian will be a bit cheaper. If you apply online for visa on arrival through our website, the highest fee you have to pay is $30 (3 month multiple visa) and the lowest is 5$ (1 month single visa).

2. You don’t need to send off your passport to Vietnam Embassy. Meanwhile, visa on arrival program allows you to register for the visa online with no requirements on the paperwork.

Indian citizens just need to prepare documents before takeoff so that they can meet the requirements to get full visa at arrival airports in Vietnam.

Tourist Visa On Arrival Process
If you wish your Vietnam visa Indian to be ready for collection at arrival airport, please follow the procedure with care:

– Fill out the application form online correctly

– Use credit/debit card to pay the processing fee. The payment may be also made with cas via Paypal.

– Receive visa approval letter in your email within 2 business days or less.

– Get visa stamped at the airport of arrival by submitting the following documents: original and valid passport, visa approval letter, 01 passport-sized photo, completed entry-exit form and stamping fee (25$ for single visas, 50$ for multiple visa)

3. The processing is very fast. Generally, the embassy asks you to wait 5 days until receive the tourist visa in hand. However, the result for your visa application is often confirmed after 2 business days. A few agents are able to assist you to get the result even much shorter, for 1 working day, 4 working hours or even 1 working hour only.