Tra Que Vegetable Village: Learn How To Become A Local Farmer


Located 3 kilometers towards northeast from the center of Hoi An, Tra Que Village is famous for growing vegetables, with green, long and straight vegetable plots; the vegetable village is well-known with many kinds of leaf and spice vegetables that nowhere else can have. Not only is it famous for vegetables, Tra Que Vegetable Village is also famous as an eco-tourism village.

Tra Que Vegetable Village — All You Need To Know
Tra Que Village in Hoi An is located in the transition zone between the North and South climates, so it both has the winter and the hot seasons, the climate here is quite temperate and comfortable with the average temperatures from 28–33°C in the summer and 18–23°C in the winter.
According to the experience of traveling to Tra Que Village, the best time to come here is from May to July or from September to December. From the atmosphere to the scenery, the setting is so charming that it is hard for visitors to give up or forget. However, according to the forum, you should go to the village in February to April every year when this place does not have rain, and the weather is cool and trees are fresh and green, which is suitable to participate in the activities of the village.

Tra Que Vegetable Village Activities
You can blend yourself in the peaceful area as you pedal through the green rivers and rice fields, while listening to fun stories and interesting facts about the area. When you arrive at the village, you will be able to observe the daily life of the local people when you visit the farm.
Experience The Life of A Farmer:
You will learn how to grow and harvest plants, then try gardening and harvesting vegetables. You can also master the art of making rice paper which is used for numerous famous Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls when grinding, rolling, and drying it.

Every visitor to the village will be taught by farmers here how to take care of green vegetables. In the break time, everyone rests in the cottages, drink a bowl of green tea and watch the newly planted vegetable plots. At the meal, you can enjoy the famous Hoi An delicacies made from Tra Que vegetables.

How To Get To Tra Que Vegetable Village?
Tra Que Vegetable Village is located in the area of Cam Ha commune (3km northeast between De Vong river and lagoon Tra Que — map).
From Hoi An Old Town, follow Hai Ba Trung strees, cross first bridge, Tra Que Vegetable Village is staying on the right side.