Processing time of Vietnam visa for Indian citizens


Currently, there are 2 ways of applying Vietnam visa:

1. Apply at Vietnam Embassy (good for arrivals via overland)

2. Apply online through travel agents (excellent for arrivals at the airport)

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. In case, you are not in a hurry, you can choose the former. Meanwhile, the later is more suitable if you are in a rush.

1. processing time at the embassy of Vietnam in India

5 working days:
To apply Vietnam visa at the embassy of Vietnam in India, the applicants are supposed to wait for visa result for 5 working days as normal process. In case you use application by post, remember that Vietnam visa processing time starts from the date of application is well- received, not from the date it is dispatched.

2 working days:
If you want to receive visa Vietnam for a shorter time, request express service in which your visa takes 2 working days to be processed. If you apply by email, your request is automatically considered as express request. However, when you come to the embassy for collection, don’t forget to bring original passport and application form to visit the embassy in person.

1 working day
It is applied in all 3 types of visa services provided by Vietnam embassy: in person, by email, by post. You should specify as next day processing to order for this service.

Be noticed that the information is applied for the embassy of Vietnam in India only. It means that you may find the different processing time in other embassy of Vietnam in the world.

2. Processing time through travel agents
If the maximum processing time for Vietnam visa at the embassy in New Delhi is 5 working days, it is only 2 working days when you apply online via travel agents:

2 working days
It is the duration to process for a normal request. Take note that Vietnam Immigration Department only receives the applications until 3:00 pm (Vietnam time) every day. If you apply for the visa before this time, we’ll deliver you the visa approval letter by 6:00 pm (Vietnam time) the following day. And if you do so after this time, your application for your Vietnam visa will be completed on the day after tomorrow.

1 working day
For this option, visa approval letterto get visa for Vietnam will be sent via email within 1 working day since the moment your application online and payment for service fee is well- received. If the payment is confirmed before 10:00 AM (Vietnam time- GMT +7), you can get visa approval letter on the same day- before 6:00 PM

4 working hours
Application for Vietnam visa on arrival ill be processed before 12:00 PM everyday if your application and visa fee is completed before 10:00 AM.

In addition, a few travel agents are able to support your visa application processed in only within 1 working hour. You can contact them to ask for more details. However, don’t forget that he faster the visa is issued, the higher charge you will have to pay. Thus, we recommend you to consider carefully before choosing type of Vietnam visa processing time.