Photo requirement for Indian citizens to Vietnam


As you might know, applicants are always recommended to prepare 2 passport size photos which are often in 4cmx6cm. Meanwhile, the standard size in most countries is 3.5x 4.5. You may be praying for the hope that the rules about Vietnam visa photo size are not too strict. However, in fact, the size matters. Although there are some cases when Vietnam Immigration might shut their eyes to your mistakes, it is still worthwhile getting the correct size photos. Then, your holiday in Vietnam will avoid being stuffed up because of the problem. If you are holding visa photo for Vietnam visa for Indian incorrect size, there are some options as following.

If it isn’t inconvenient and you have a scanner, scan your existing ones, then resize them with a simple photo editor and then get them printed at the local corner in the airport. You can find such a booth in international airports in Vietnam.

Alternatively, you can have your photo taken again at the arrival airport for around 5 USD or less per photo.

If your photo is a little bigger, Vietnam Immigration Officers might have scissors to cut them down if it needs be.

In addition to Vietnam visa photo size, don’t forget that your photo to get Vietnam visa for Indian also has to meet the following requirements:

 – Your face is in neutral expression without smiling or frowning.

 – Photographs must be passport sized, and taken within the past 6 months of application date.

 – Photos must be taken against a white background and printed on quality photo paper.

 – Photographs should be taken in normal attire, without a hat or headgear that obscures the hair or hairline.

 – Do not wear any kind of glasses or hats when taking these photos

 – Hats and scarves are strictly prohibited and any other accessories

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