Phu Quoc island


Phu Quoc is the name of a group of 21 Vietnamese islands of which the largest, and Vietnam’s largest, is also called Phu Quoc. The central city on the island is Duong Dong. The island is a popular holiday travel destination with many top hotels and resort facilities. The best time to take a trip is from November to March.

If you love nature then you’ll enjoy the large amount of protected National Park areas on the island. Along the island runs the 99 Peak mountain range which includes Chua Mountain the island’s highest mountain. The island is also covered with forests. To enjoy the wildlife and unspoiled nature of the island there is a forest trail to follow or visit the Cua Can River, Suoi Da Ban Waterfall or the Suoi Tranh Waterfalls.

If you want sun and surf, take a trip to Sao Beach. The island has three main industries, black pepper, fishing and pearls although there are also cashew nut plantations you can take a tour of. You can take tours of some of the pepper farms and the Phu Quoc Pearl Farm or take a tour of a factory that makes fish sauce. To see where the anchovy for the fish sauce comes from go to Ham Ninh fishing village.

The island’s most popular water sports are scuba diving and snorkeling which can be done on the western side of the island or in the south. The city of Duong Dong also has a morning and a night market. Visit the Dinh Cua Rock a mixture of a Buddhist temple and a lighthouse! Situated where the Duong Dong River meets the sea it is in honor of the Goddess of the Sea. See Coconut Tree Prison once used by the French, then Americans and then the Vietnamese. Opposite the prison is a War Memorial in honor of those who suffered in the prison. These monuments are about 5 km from An Thoi Town. You can also see the Sung Hung Pagoda in Duong Dong or the Hung Long Tu Pagoda a little out of town. In short, Phu Quoc has a lot to offer the adventure traveler.