Top 5 most popular Vietnam destinations (P2)


 Nghinh Phong Cape – Vung Tau

Mui Nghinh Phong tourist area, located at 1 Halong street, Vung Tau city, is very close to the statue of Kito God. This is the longest stretch of the southernmost peninsula of Vung Tau peninsula, known as a windy place during the four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Nghinh Phong formed two beaches, two large bays in the direction of west and east. It is Vong Nguyet beach (also called O Quan) and Huong Phong beach and far away is Hon Ba island.

In addition, there is also the Sky Gate area, which is also a highlight with the golden wall, and after the footsteps through the door are now a paradise making visitors feel excited and “tantalizing” during last July.

Objects: It is suitable for young people, couples … with low budget, more prone to explore and experience.

Eo Gio Quy Nhon

Eo Gio is known as “Jeju Island” in Vietnam. Eo Gio is located in Hung Luong village, Nhon Ly commune, about 20 km from the northeast of Quy Nhon city and considered as one of the most beautiful and majestic landscapes of Binh Dinh Province. Eo Gio is also known for its pristine and majestic beauty with the second largest number of Vietnamese caves, just behind Nha Trang.

To get here, you pass Thi Nai bridge, to Nhon Hoi crossroad, turn right, go straight about 5 km to the center of Nhon Ly. The beautiful road with two sides of many casuarinas and white sand beaches. As soon as you arrive, you can park the vehicle and walk a short distance to come there.

The feature of Eo Gio is rock and water with the majestic and wild landscape. The abrasion of water and wind has created a beautiful strait with many caves such as Ky Co Cave, Ba Nghia Cave, and Bat Cave.

Along Quy Nhon sea, there is a mountain range embracing the coast of about 15 km, in which Wind Eo is the farthest and most beautiful point of the mountain range. On the middle of the mountain, on the old road, the stairs are erected with handrails which are safe and beautiful for visitors to visit.

At the foot of the rocky beach, the stones are worn off by waves of many colors and sizes, creating a unique beach. Choosing a flat rock, sitting on the rock, dropping your soul into the sea with cool breeze will make your soul ever more serene.

From this road looking down the strait, you will feel overwhelmed by nature, the waves fluttering white foam. Winds are roaring around the majestic mountains. There is a little sun and a little wind but Quy Nhon makes the tourists so passionate.

The best time to go to Eo Gio is from April to September, when there is no storm and breezy wind. Do not forget to visit the fishing village not far away, and enjoy the fresh and delicious seafood made by the local people here.

Especially, besides the village, there is a famous temple with the statue of Quan Yin Buddha looking out to the sea, as a blessing for the peace and prosperity of villagers in the sea.

In Eo Gio, there is also a fresh water stream. After having fun under the beach, you can come here for a swim. Alternatively, you can rent a canoe to visit Ky Co island, swim and eat fresh seafood.

Coming to Eo Gio, you will not only have beautiful check-in photos, but also be in harmony with the fresh air and have the opportunity of watching the swimming fishes or beautiful coral reefs.

Objects: It is a destination for young people, couples, family travel (children 4 – 5 years old)… prone to experience and relaxation.

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