Top 5 most popular Vietnam destinations (P1)


Running along the north – central – south region, it is not difficult to realize that Vietnam tourism has had spectacular “turns”. Recently, Vietnam has reached the top with the leading tourism growth in Asia , or is named as a destination owning the most interesting and attractive things in the world.

In addition to the “familiar – but – not – old” places,  the domestic and international tourists also love the new arrivals but have quickly acquired the unique features and the things. The images and information about those places are updated hourly, day by day by all the social networking sites.

Mount Fansipan Sapa

Sapa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country and internationally. This place possess majestic mountains and the terraced rice field, especially the most special of which is Mount Fansipan – with the elevation of 3,143m and was dubbed as “Indochinese roof” in the Hoang Lien Son Mountain, located about 5km from the center of Sapa town.

Fasipan in the local language means “giant stone plate”. Previously, to touch hands on Fansipan roof, it requires visitors to have courage, willpower and most importantly a good health condition. Because it means that visitors will have to cross the forest, cross the stream with the minimum time to conquer of about 4-5 days (Depending on health status and speed).

But now the conquest has become much simpler thanks to the straight-line cable system, which takes only 15 minutes to travel, making it the 2023’s favorite destination.

Objects: Fansipan is suitable for travelers traveling alone, couple traveling, traveling with family … in the direction of experience and discovery.

Walking Street in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake’s walking space is not only a popular amusement park of the capital but also a great attraction for tourists during the weekend.

The pedestrian walkway consists of 16 lines, opening 5 p.m of Friday to the midnight of Sunday. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to see the ancient beauty of the houses. The unique architecture, bearing the ancient direction together with the traditional close, bold identity of the Vietnamese is the characteristic feature of the old town. At the same time, the tourists can learn the beauty of culture, traditional values ​​and the interference of the capital city streets.

In addition, visitors will be able to participate in folk games or enjoying street performances such as violin, saxophone or listening to the deep tone of Trau van, Ca tru and Quan ho by the folk artists.

Here, you can find a variety of dishes ranging from noodle dishes to the dishes such as baked food, grilled squid and also the snacks of Hanoi like donuts, fried corn, baked oatmeal or whole grape fruit, and dried apricot.

Currently, many streets around Hoan Kiem Lake have parking lots at regulated prices. The street also has free wifi, and public toilets are open 24 hours a day.

Objects: Suitable for families with young children, elderly people and group travelers.

Book Street of 19/12

19/12 is a street “modest” in length, located next to the Hanoi People’s Court, one through Ly Thuong Kiet street, the other through Hai Ba Trung street. In the past, this route was famous for its name “Am Phu Market” because every day, this market is the popular meeting place of local people and well-known for meat dogs. For a long time ago, the flower garden and the old road ahs been built, changing the name of Hanoi book street of 19/12.

This is the first street of Hanoi dedicated to book lovers. This is the center of the booths of publishing houses and book companies of Hanoi and the country such as Tien Phong, Kim Dong, Thai Ha. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to reach a wide variety of books, meetings, dialogues on books with authors in and outside the country.

Citywide street development is clearly demonstrated through the installation of free wifi broadcasting systems, automatic water distribution points, coffee areas, flower shops and souvenirs.

After the official opening, Hanoi Book Street has been seen as a meeting point for reading activities of the capital. Not only is the place where book lovers choose to mingle with good books, but also a variety of exchange activities, discussions, competitions and book activities.

Objects: It is suitable as a destination for young people and families with young children.

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