Vietnam visa upon arrival for Indian nationals


Along with Vietnam embassy in london, travel agents play an important role to support Indian citizens to receive Vietnam visa Indian for their trip to the country. If you are going to use Vietnam visa on arrival for your next trip and still wonder if Vietnam visa on arrival Indian citizens is the best way to follow, you will find your questions answered here by following the article.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?
Different from applying in Vietnam embassy in which you will get a full visa before your departure, Vietnam visa on arrival allows you to pick up Vietnam visa Indian at the arrival airport in Vietnam . However, it doesn’t mean that you just need to get on board and then pick up you visa after landing in Vietnam . Vietnam visa on arrival Indian, in other words, is called pre-arranged Vietnam visa. It means that you have to complete steps of apply for visa from Indian online, receive visa approval letter as a certificate to pick up visa stamp at the arrival airport.

Not being issued visa to Vietnam from the embassy doesn’t mean that your Vietnam visa on arrival is illegitimate. In fact, if it is approved by the immigration department in Vietnam does so. It is travel agents who are allowed legally to support Indian passport holders to submit directly to the department. Hence, there is no need to worry about it legitimacy.

When to apply?
It is often claimed that it is best to apply 6 months before your travel. In fact, Indian travelers can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival Indian for a few days beforehand. Depending on the visa service provided by different travel agents, Indian citizens even apply for visa to Vietnam a few hours in advance. However, we do remind you to apply before heading to Vietnam . You cannot do so when you arrive at airport in Vietnam .

Is it a best way to get Vietnam visa Indian?
It is determined based on your own situation and your priorities.  For those who want to have a simple visa procedure and short time processing, it is really a best way to get Vietnam visa Indian. While applying online with this option, Indian applicants don’t have to prepare any paper documents, just to complete visa application form online and pay visa service via credit card or bank transfer. After that visa approval letter will be sent to the email address which is provided by the applicants before. While submitting via the embassy takes 3 to 5 working days as a normal process, Indian citizens have Vietnam visa processed only in 2 working days if you use Vietnam visa on arrival. Moreover, a few travel agents provide processing visa service within 1 working hour.

However, if you are going to sail or cross land border to Vietnam , the best way to get Vietnam visa Indian is via the embassy. Besides, if you have a lot of spare time, applying via embassy of Vietnam in london will avoid you wasting time at the arrival airport to receive full visa stamps in case there are a large number of visa on arrival applicants on your flights.