Common mistakes when apply for vietnam visa on arrival


However, there are still some troubles happening when using Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens. The problems usually come up when the applicants commit following common mistakes.

1. Misunderstanding about applying visa on arrival

Many people make a serious mistake when they suppose that they can get a visa directly at arrival airport in Vietnam without applying online beforehand. The mistake might lead to your delaying or cancelling your flights or waiting until the visa is approved. From my own point of view, we need to change its name from Vietnam visa on arrival to Vietnam pre-arranged visa to end up these mistakes.

2. Use visa on arrival for border crossing
Before using the type of visa, applicants may receive a lot of warning such as Vietnam visa upon arrival is used for AIR entry only. It means that no visa on arrival for overland/border crossing or sea/water entry. In those cases, there is no way except for applying at Vietnam embassies.

3. Commit spelling or typing mistakes
The mistakes happen whey applicants provide incorrect information: full name on passport, passport number, date of birth. It seems not to be a big problem. However, it does when the applicants may be refused by the airline when immigration officers notice that the information on the letter of approval does not match those in your passport.

4. Date of arrival
The Vietnam visa starts to be valid from the date of arrival the applicants have submitted in the application form. Many people think that it starts from the date they enter Vietnam. However, it is not. Furthermore, the applicants can enter Vietnam later but NOT EARLIER than that date. Making a detailed plan before departure will help to prevent such a mistake.

5. Mistakes with visa approval letter
When sending the letter of approval to applicants, travel agents always emphasize that it need printing out. However, many people may forget to print or forget to bring it along to the airport. A few people print out the email with careless. It will lead to negative experiences in using Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian citizens.

6. Visa extensions
You may think that it is very easy and cheap to get visa extensions, so applying for long duration of stay in Vietnam is unnecessary. In fact, it is not that easy, but may be costly and time- consuming. If possible, applying for 3 month of stay in Vietnam will save you a lot of money on visa extension.

We do believe that the problems here do not cover up every situation in reality. To make a contribution to create a complete list of common mistakes as reviews for other travelers, you are welcome to share your story here. Look forward to hearing your experience.