Mui Ne Travel


This is Vietnam’s popular beach resort destination, complete with water side cafes, restaurants and stores catering to sun worshippers as well as resort hotels. The waters are perfect for swimming or windsurfing as well as other adventurous water sports.

The beach meets the approval of even the more jaded beach travel lover. Mui Ne is close to Phan Thiet in southeast Vietnam and is an extremely popular tourist destination, especially between December and May and a travelers dream for surfing from August to December.

You can follow the Fairy Spring between the cliffs until you reach Mui Ne Beach or go to the museum in Ho Chi Minh’s old house and the school where he was a teacher. Traveling by boat out to the sea you can see a rock island with the Mui Dien Lighthouse upon it and also visit the Mui Ne Village with its traditional market and harbor. The area around Mui Ne also has several Nature Reserves including Song Mao and Hon Cau-Vinh Hao.

Apart from the main beach of Mei Ne there is also Ganh Rom and Suoi Nuoc beaches. Traveling about an hour from Mui Ne is Takou Mountain where you can take a trip on a gondola or a brisk walk to the top to see the Pagoda.