Nha Trang Travel


The main attraction of Nha Trang is the beach and water’s edge, this is known as the diving capital of the area and the resorts, amenities and hotels make it a comfortable city to relax in. The city is well kept and in the distance you can see the mountains while out to sea in the bay small islands dot the horizon. When you are not on the beach or in the water or sipping a drink at one of the water side bars then venture in land to the sites that the city has to offer.

Visit the Log Son Pagoda which has glass mosaics of dragons and interesting ceramic art work. Take the path up to Hai Duc Pagoda to see the huge 79 foot white Buddha and get an amazing view of Nha Trang below. The exquisite 7th century Cham Temple Po Nagat on Cu Lao Mountain has several stone towers and the ten handed Yan Po Nagar Goddesss. The Nha Trang Cathedral is also on a hill overlooking the city and is worth a look. For a more modern attraction take the cable car to Vinpearl Land and enjoy Underwater World and an amusement park among other western delights. Monkey Island is also worth looking at, monkeys run free and there is also a circus here. Take a stroll down the beach to the fishing village to see the fisherman bringing in their catch which may just end up on your plate that same night!