Is the entry visa issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department or travel agency?


Vietnam visa on arrival is a visa obtained through a Vietnamese tourism company with a prior approval letter (visa approval), but the visa approval is not processed by the travel agency but due to Vietnam Immigration Department. Travel agencies only help you apply. Therefore, when being granted a visa, you will surely receive a visa at Vietnam airport.

The visa approval is used to: carry out procedures at the departure airport and receive visa stamps at the international airport to Vietnam.

Apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival: http://evietnamvisa.org/vietnam-visa

How long does it take to get a visa stamp at Vietnam airport?

On arrival, it usually takes 30 minutes to receive the visa stamp. However, if you come on public holidays or when the number of people is crowded, please wait for another hour. To save you time at Vietnam airport, you should prepare all the necessary documents before departure (when you are granted a visa, the email also reminds you what you need to prepare).

Should you use the “Vietnam airport fast track”?

If your arrival time in Vietnam is not during peak hours, e.g. weekdays, midnight or mornings, we advise you not to use this service, as it usually takes 15-30 minutes to apply for a visa. at the Vietnam airport at that time.

Who needs to use support?

If you are traveling with children, the elderly, transit in Vietnam or have work to do, you can use the support or VIP services at the Vietnam airport. This service will be displayed when you apply for a visa, you can choose to use or skip.