Take a Hoi An bike tour to feel every corner of the city


Hoi An bike tour is a popular choice of many tourists when travelling to the old town. You will definitely discover many interesting things by this way.
Hoi An hike tour and Hoi An bike tour are often choices of many tourist when travelling to the old town. There is no better way to explore this world heritage by bike and you will definitely discover many interesting things there.

Hoi An is famous for ancient houses along the quiet pedestrian streets. It always attracts tourists who love peaceful and ancient atmosphere.

It is the first city in Vietnam that says no with car exhaust smoke. So the streets here are extremely suitable for a Hoi An bike tour. Almost all hotels in Hoi An are running the business of Hoi An bike hire.

A bicycle will bring you through ancient streets full of old trees, house walls covered with moss and brilliant paper flowers, etc.

Hoi An bike tour will offer you a chance to sightsee around and feel the peaceful life of the city, or enjoy the cool breeze blowing up from Hoai river. Taking a Hoi An free bike tour, you will discover many new interesting things.

When you feel tired after biking for long, you can stop at street hawkers, a roadside café to enjoy the essence specialties of Hoi An.

After taking a tour around the old town, you can continue cycling to discover the neighborhood of Hoi An. To refresh the atmosphere and enjoy a breath of fresh air, you can ride toward Cua Dai beach and An Bang beach. Blue sea with fine white sands of Cua Dai or An Bang will give you a completely different space from the quaint, quiet old town.

The ideal time to take a Hoi An bike tour is in the early morning or afternoon. During this time, it is slightly sunny and cool. But perhaps cycling to discover Hoi An in the afternoon is among best choices. You’ll see the sunset on the bank of the lovely Hoai river.

As one of special characteristics of Hoi An among Vietnam travel services, traveling by bike in Hoi An is both safe and convenient. When you find a beautiful view, you can stop and take some photos or buy some gifts at a souvenir shop.

Travelling to Hoi An, you’ll see how preferable bicycles are as many people cycle here. As a result, Hoi An bike hire service is very popular and developed.

Therefore, it can be said that your Hoi An tour will be extremely meaningful and unforgettable if you decide to cycle around the streets to discover the attractive beauty here.

Le Van Trung Store
15/1 Tran Hung Dao Street (opposite Hoi An hotel).
Car rental/ day: ~ 1.4 USD (hire 1-10 bicycles)
~1.1 USD (hire 10-25 bicycles)

Le Thi Tuyet Anh Store
80 Tran Hung Dao Street (formerly Hotel Hoi An Trade Union).
Car rental/ day: 1 USD