4 An Bang beach homestays need just a few minute walk to the beach


These An Bang homestays are environment-friendly, high-quality and especially, they just wastes you few minutes to the beach!
An Bang is not only famous for its beach, seafood but also beautiful, high-quality homestays that are as good as of Da Lat or Sapa.

An Bang Seaside Village
Price: ~59 – 150 USD/ night (depending on room location).

It can be said that there are no An Bang homestays better than An Bang seaside village thanks to its beautiful and airy view. You can walk to paradise beach with white sand and aquatic clear water.

Rooms in this An Bang beach homestay are designed as rustic and simple yet but fully equipped like a luxury resort in the Caribbean.

In front of each room, there is a tea table where tourists can enjoy tea, read a book or simply watch the sea, enjoy fresh air. Although this An Bang beach homestay is not too big, you still feel the cohesion of the design style and green nature.

It can be said that the services in this homestay are as good as any luxurious Vietnam travel services in resorts or hotels yet you still feel free, relaxed and calm.

Red Flower Cottage Homestay
Price: ~41 USD/ night.

Red Flower Cottage impresses tourists with the green garden which is arranged cleverly by owners with lovely table sets for relaxing.

There are only 5 lovely bedrooms but the advantage of this An Bang beach homestay is that it only takes you 2 minutes to walk to the beach.

Rooms at the Red Flower are thatched roof to make the architecture environment-friendly. The rooms are still comfortable, modern and sophisticated.

There is a share kitchen with full cooking utensils in the Red Flower Cottage. You can freely buy fresh seafood at the market here and cook a tasty meal for your family.

Besides available room services, this An Bang beach homestay also offers tourists baby keeping, shopping and cooking services that are always very fast and convenient.

An Bang Garden Homestay
Price: ~38.6 USD/ night.

An Bang Garden Homestay is like a small house in the middle of a lovely and airy garden. There is only one option for rooms outwards the garden. Yet because the front house is very clear, it makes the garden-view rooms are always sunny with cool breeze and grass aroma.

Bedrooms in this homestay An Bang beach are very simple yet modern and convenient. There are couches and tables in many places in the homestay.

In addition, like some special tourism spots, you will have chance to enjoy “rustic” breakfast in the garden under the thatched roof and wonderfully peaceful and fresh atmosphere.

An Bang Beach Hideaway Homestay
Price: ~50 USD/ night.

An Bang Beach Hideaway is a Western-styled homestay that is simple and environment-friendly and full of necessary amenities.

The interesting thing of this homestay is that it’s located in a residential area but extremely near from the beach, just 10 minutes of walking.

You will see unique decorations in this homestay making it different and so attractive to foreign tourists.

Right at the front door of the homestay, there is a small village road with tall green casuarinas that will take you straightly to the natural and beautiful beach.

The homestay also offers tourists with laundry service and bicycle rental service for those who want to ride around and explore scenic village lifestyle here.