Hoi An Attractions: Top 10 Must-Visit Places


Hoi An ancient town is defined as a rustic and poetic picture. Whether day or night, Hoi An still has different charismatic beauty, below are the must-visit tourist attractions of Hoi An that you cannot miss.

Hoi An Japanese Bridge
Located in the heart of Hoi An Ancient Town and across the romantic Hoai River, Hoi An Japanese Bridge is a place you can’t miss when traveling here. The bridge has a unique wood roof with beautiful decoration. This bridge has become a significant symbol of Hoi An.

Museum of History & Culture
Hoi An Museum of History & Culture is currently displaying more than 434 artifacts classified into different topics that show many typical characteristics of the development periods of Hoi An Ancient Town.

Hoi An Arts and Crafts Manufacturing Workshop
Hoi An Arts and Crafts Manufacturing Workshop was established with the aim of preserving and maintaining traditional handicraft industries for a long time. Hoi An Handicraft Workshop gathered many talented and skillful craftsmen in most of the traditional crafts of Hoi An and Quang Nam such as pottery, lacquer, fabric weaving, … You will have the chance to know how meticulous craftsmen create sophisticated artworks and choose to buy something as a souvenir.

Hoi An Market
Hoi An Market is one of the tourist attractions in Hoi An which attracts many tourists visiting and shopping. You can find many specialties, and handicrafts as well as enjoy a variety of extremely delicious dishes. Coming here, you also have the chance to chat with local people and have more experiences about the daily life of the people in Hoi An.

Cua Dai Beach
Cua Dai is a marvelous beach attracting many tourists in Hoi An with jade-green water together with the smooth white sand. You can not only immerse yourself in cool water but also enjoy fresh seafood here. Restaurants, hotels and tourist centers around the sea are always available to cater to the need of travelers.

An Bang Beach
Having a position in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in Asia, An Bang beach makes many tourists fascinated by the clear water and long sandy beaches coming along with the glittering golden sunshine. When going to An Bang beach, you will feel extremely cheery and relaxed in a quiet and peaceful space and dispel away the busy life.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village
Thanh Ha pottery village is one of the famous traditional villages in Hoi An. You can see the fine artworks made from skillful and talented artists of Thanh Ha. In addition, you can also make your own products to keep or present to your relatives and friends.

Tra Que Vegetable Village
Only 4 kilometers from Hoi An ancient town, Tra Que Vegetable Village is a traditional village that attracts many visitors to visit and experience. You will join in the process of growing vegetables as a true farmer and gain more knowledge and understanding about the working life of the villagers. This will definitely be a real experience that you can never forget!

Bay Mau Coconut Forest
In Hoi An there is an extremely unique coconut water forest with the area of seven acres. The interesting point here is that tourists are seated on a basket boat that floats on the water and weaves among the dense coconut trees.

Cham Island
Cham Island which includes 8 islands is such an ideal destination for tourists who love the pristine seascape and the colorful coral reefs. Besides, Cu Lao Cham also has historical sites such as Cham ancient well or Hai Tang ancient pagoda to meet the needs of tourists.