An Bang Beach: A Silent Heaven


An Bang beach is definitely a name must be mentioned when coming to Hoi An. White sand, long coast, and peaceful waves have made An Bang to become a special beach there, one of the Hoi An attraction.

Blue sea, white sand and wild landscape
An Bang beach is a tourist destination in Cam An ward (Hoi An ancient city), which used to be a beach where local people came to bathe in the early morning, so it still retains its wild beauty. An Bang beach is peaceful and tranquil, absolutely contrary to the lively and bustling modern life of Cua Dai’s.

Only a few kilometers away from Hoi An city, An Bang is such an ideal beach for tourists to set foot on the white sand, watch the light purple water spinach and step down into the fresh blue water. These things can bring a comfortable, gentle feeling and sweep away all the sorrow.

Activities in An Bang
When coming to An Bang beach, tourists should go early in the morning, play and relax all day and return to Hoi An city when night falls.

There are also adventurous games such as windsurfing or canoeing. You can also rent canoes or water motorbikes to travel around the coast. There are some bars for visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery right on the beach. It’s quite interesting when sipping a glass of wine in the jubilant atmosphere.

In addition, when coming here, visitors can enjoy many attractive and delicious dishes of the sea such as squid, lobster or fish.

If you are too familiar with a noisy bustling place and want to find a peaceful rustic beauty, then you should come to An Bang Beach. It’s definitely a valuable experience to try.