Hue Travel


The City of Hue sits on two sides of the Perfume River (Song Huong), on one side is the ancient fortified city, the Citadel and on the south bank of the river there are park areas and other delightful parks. Many of the sites in Hue are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The people here suffered through many tough periods of history and have now set their sights on the future and are moving rapidly forward. The Citadel was built in the Nguyen Dynasty (1805), it has taken a beating from bombs and has been patched up over the years.

When traveling to Hue, catch a performance at the Royal Theatre; enter the Forbidden Purple City within; get a great overview from the Thai Hoa Palace and take a walk along the old moat. Don’t forget to take a tour of the Hue tombs like the Tu Duc, Khai Dinh or the Ming Mang as well as Gia Long.

There are plenty of Pagodas to visit in Hue but perhaps the nicest is the 1844 Thien Mu on the edge of the Perfume River. Traveling a little out of town there is the Thanh Toan, Japanese Bridge in a pastoral setting and Bach Ma National Park which will show you a beautiful area. You can also visit the Ho Quyen tiger fighting arena where the marks of claws can still be seen by the tiger cages!

There are also historic American and French war bunkers close to each other and you can still see the bullet holes! Hue is a very popular travel destination in Vietnam and know for all of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, this place is a must see on your trip to Vietnam.