Get Vietnam visa with Indian passport


Vietnam visa for Indian is obtainable through the embassy or on arrival when you arrive at the airport. The visa procedures at the embassy is a bit complicated and time-consuming compared to the later one which is often more preferable. If you are interested in getting Vietnam visa with India passport in this option, proceed to see more in details.

In some countries, visa on arrival means that you apply and get the visa directly on arrival at port of entry but in Vietnam, visa on arrival works as follows:

1. Apply online
This is the first and foremost step in the whole procedure of visa application for Indian passport holders. Although depending on which travel agents you use for visa application, there are differences in the form of application form. However, you are always requested to fill in personal information (full name, date of birth, nationality, gender) and passport details (passport number, date of entry, date of exit). Spelling accuracy is the most important factor here. Before submitting the form, remember to double check to make sure that the information you provide is totally correct.

2. Pay visa service fee online
After submission, you will have to use credit/debit card to make payment for the application. After you pay the service fee, the second confirmation email will be sent to your email. Accordingly, the email also informs you the issuance date of visa approval letter.

Be noticed that the moment your payments is well- received is when your application form starts to be sent for processing.

3. Get visa approval letter
The processing period of visa approval letter often takes 2 business days excluding weekends and national holidays. For urgent service, it takes only 1 business day or even 4 working hours.

After the period you have informed, the approval letter is sent in PDF form to your email along with an entry-exit form. The thing left is to print out the letter and the entry – exit form, not the email. To save your time at the arrival airport, you are advised to complete the form in advance.

4. Get visa stamped on arrival
At Visa Counter of Vietnam’s airport, you are requested to provide documents below to get visa stamp on the passport:

– Print copy of approval letter
– Completed entry-exit form
– Original and valid passport
– 01 recent passport size photograph in full color
– Stamping fee (cash only): 25$ for single visas 50$ for month multiple visa

Important note: visa on arrival is available for arrival by air only. Don’t try to use it for border or sea crossing if you don’t want to leave Vietnam to arrange the new visa for your trip. If you manage to enter Vietnam by land or sea, please obtain the Vietnam visa at the embassy located in New Delhi.

Should you need a help to get visa for Vietnam with Indian pasport, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone, email or live chat service. We are always available 24/7 to offer help.