Winter in Hanoi finally comes after teasing its lover for a while!


Winter (Hanoi) is divided into several spells. It’s like playing peepbo with Hanoians in a few days, and then hides in somewhere like teasing its lover.

Hanoians might be accustomed to one thing that winter is divided into several spells. Every monsoon comes in a few days and plays peepbo with people by its suddenly cold weather, then hides in somewhere like teasing its lover, leaving hot weather for people to wait the coldness restlessly next monsoon.

But maybe this doesn’t matter, because it’s still good if each cold spell’s temperature falls like this year.

During the period of turning to the winter (Hanoi), from midnight to morning, the wind blows strongly with little rain in some places. It’s so cold last night, and another winter in Hanoi comes again in one morning that we see cups of hot tea and coffee along with venders selling flowers on streets, and the city is colored by the winter totally.

Hopefully, Hanoi’s winter weather will last little longer, so the capital will really live in cold days of the year’s ending months.

Daisy flowers are winter flowers of Hanoi