Where to stay in a Lan Ha bay overnight trip?


One day seems not enough for a Lan Ha bay exploration. To prepare for an overnight trip, tourists should know the ideal places for accommodation in Lan Ha.

Nam Cat bungalow
Nam Cat beach is famous for not only the green sea water but also the attractive bamboo bungalow here. The beach is about 500 meters long with the white sand, green quiet sea water, and moderate depth is the ideal and safe place for swimming. The green sea embracing the smooth white sand and the small limestone islands around Nam Cat creates a separate and poetic scene.

At present, there are 3 large wooden stilt houses and 6 bamboo bungalows, where visitors can relax and enjoy the nature and atmosphere of the sea. At night, they can enjoy the sea wind and the cool air with the sea waves whispering. Especially, tourists should not miss the campfire night with the fresh seafood on this island. This will is always be the unforgettable experience for groups of tourists who like to camp in a private place. When waking up, guests can watch the sunrise on the beautiful island of Nam Cat. The price to stay here is about VND 300,000-500,000/night.

Monkey Island resorts
Lying in the heart of Monkey island, Monkey Island resort is an ideal spot to stay and visit Lan Ha bay. This luxury resort is extremely attractive with the beautiful and charming scenery, friendly people, and the best services. From here, guests can easily access to other places such as Beo wharf, Than Cong Fortress, and Cat Ba port.

In the island, travelers can visit Cat Dua beach on Monkey island with the sparkling white sand in the sun, formed by the coral fragments. The coast is about one kilometer long where is considered as an interesting place to enjoy the feeling of bathing in the sea with the clear water as crystal in the beautiful space of Lan Ha bay. It is also famous for its “specialty” but not for eating, which is monkeys. The monkeys here are very intelligent, friendly, and very cute. They are willing to respond by playing with the visitors who tease them.

Staying on the luxury cruises is an interesting experience in Lan Ha bay of which La Pinta is one of the best cruises. The five-star standard La Pinta cruise are designed with a large sundeck, restaurant, and each cabin has full-size glass windows, wide and private balcony, and comfortable, luxurious furnitures. This will actually be an unforgettable memory for tourists visiting Lan Ha bay that they can enjoy their relaxation, drink a coffee in the balcony while admiring the dreaming atmosphere and fresh sea breeze. La Pinta Lan Ha bay cruise also offers diverse activities on the beach for guests such as kayaking, diving, and biking in fishing villages, etc.

Fishing Rarfs
There is an area built as the fishing rafts which are belong to the navy, raising various kinds of seafood in the Lan Ha bay and Cat Ba area. They are quite wide with the walkways made of wood laid on the green floating barrels. In the middle are the fish cages or other kinds of seafood such as oyster and geoduck which are the specialties of Lan Ha bay.

There are a few small houses scattering in the floating space which are the kitchen, bathing area, and budget accommodation for guests and soldiers supplying all the necessary facility. In front of guest rooms is a balcony which is large enough for visitors to enjoy the fresh seafood together with the colorful confetti. All the food here are cooked and presented by the young soldiers, so tourists can be assured about the quality of the seafood as well as the services here.

In the Lan Ha bay overnight trip, guests can rest here, drink wine or tea, listen to the navy stories combining with the sound of the fishes swimming in the cages and the melody of the guitar, etc. Next morning, after the breakfast on the navy raft, travelers can continue the trip by visiting Viet Hai floating village, exploring the daily life of the local people, and trying the exciting biking in the village.

Apart from these accommodations above, there are quite a few hotels, homestays and guesthouses, so tourists can stay in some hotels around Lan Ha bay and Cat Ba town at a reasonable price from VND 300,000-600,000/night.

Since Lan Ha bay is an ideal tourist spot in Halong, the rest for guests also focus on developing services and entertainment that visitors not only can enjoy the relaxing sleep but also remember this place as an island of the interesting things to discover. If this is helpful for your trip in the bay, please like and share with others. Thank you.