Top 7 Must-Visit Destinations In July Throughout Vietnam


In Vietnam, July is the best time for you to enjoy a Vietnam private tour with your family and friends. Although the weather is hot, tourists still have the wonderful experiences when exploring the wonderful beauty of nature without the pressure of work and the bother in life. The followings will introduce to you top 7 should- go destinations that you cannot miss in July throughout Vietnam.

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa
Nha Trang is known as one of the best destinations in Vietnam with a number of interesting places including beaches, ancient Cham towers and a typical cuisine of the coastal area.

Traveling to Nha Trang, you can visit Hon Mun Island with the blue water as well as the great coral ecosystem, Hon Tam Island with its marine exploration by glass bottom boat, Dai Lanh Beach with the peaceful beauty, the colorful Aquarium Institute, and a lot of beautiful landscapes. In addition, you can have a chance to stay at Vinpearl Land, the paradise of the country to have the fantastic experiences.

Da Nang
Da Nang city, the most attractive tourist city, is a truly must-go place in Vietnam. Coming to Da Nang, you will be impressed by the beauty of a green city with so many tourist destinations such as the Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, Han River, Cham Island (Cu Lao Cham), Son Tra Peninsula; Linh Ung Pagoda, Ngu Hanh Son, and so on.

Traveling to Da Nang in July, you can join the “Ba Na Flower” festival that is taken place from May to 15th August in the Ba Na Mountain. Visitors will overview the romantic attractiveness of Da Nang, enjoy the most beautiful flowers, as well as breath the fresh air.

Bac Son Valley, Lang Son Province

If you still do not decide where to go Vietnam in July, Bac Son Valley is an ideal choice for you. Located about 160 kilometers to the North, this place attracts tourists at the very first sight. You will be enjoyed the immense paddy fields that are turning color. Bac Son Valley is also considered as a great destination to record the best moments, the most shining photos, as well as the most memorable experiences.

Co To Island, Quang Ninh Province

Many visitors choose Co To for their Vietnam private tours in July. It is famous for the most beautiful beaches such as Hong Van Beach, Van Chai beach, Bac Ho Beach, the small fishing village, the pine trees; the narrow green valleys in the rice season.

You also will be impressed by the amazing beauty of the Love Road, Cau My Reef, Co To Lighthouse. In addition, Co To Island owns many kinds of rare sea animals such as Hai Sam, Bao Ngu.

Da Lat
If you are planning for a wonderful vacation with family and friends in July, you cannot miss Da Lat, the best destination in Vietnam. It becomes an ideal place to avoid the truly hot weather in the cities.

Da Lat is known for a number of great stations, the attractive flower gardens, the large ripe berries, Bao Dai Palace, the Love Valley, the Than Tho Lake, the ancient Da Lat Station, the Rooster Church, and so on. All of them will bring the most entire view of Da Lat, a romantic city.

Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh Province
Recently, Quy Nhon becomes more and more popular with tourists thanks to the direct flights from Hanoi as well as Ho Chi Minh City. Traveling to Quy Nho, visitors will explore many sites including Cham Tower that is nearly 1000 years old, Twin Tower, Thi Nai Lagoon with the bridge crossing the sea between Quy Nhon City and Phuong Mai Peninsula (Nhon Hoi Economic Zone), Tien Sa Rapids, Han Mac Tu’s grave, etc.

Besides, Quy Nhon is famous for a lot of specialties such as king crab, Bau Da Wine. You will have an opportunity to try the freshest seafood in the Southern Central. Xuan Dieu Street is a suggestion for you with many kinds of seafood, noodles and sticky rice that are not only delicious but also at reasonable price.

Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc is a truly wonderful paradise for those who love the sea. This must-go destination in Vietnam attracts travelers with many fine beaches, Duong Dong Town, night market, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, An Thoi Archipelago, and so on. The specialties in Phu Quoc are many types of seafood and especially Phu Quoc Pepper.

The above are top 7 suggestions if you are planning to enjoy a Vietnam private tour in July. Hope that you will have a nice trip with many unforgettable experiences.