Mekong Delta – Nine Dragon River Delta


It is easy to visit the Mekong Delta by taking a boat tour from Saigon. To see rural Vietnam go south and visit the delta of this large river which runs off into small rivulets, canals and streams around the delta making the surrounding land highly fertile. For this reason the “rice basket” of Vietnam produced an incredible amount of rice as well as other crops such as sugarcane. The locals make their living on the river and its banks which are formed by the silt build up. In this area you can see traditional villages, although some have become used to the constant stream of tourist boats traveling up the river. The people of the region are simple and friendly and will welcome you into their villages. The fruit and vegetables in the area are straight from the fields and deliciously fresh. Buy fruit from the floating markets (Can Tho or Cai Rang) or sample a meal from the kitchen of a homestay. Be sure to sample the catfish dishes, shrimps and Basa fish which are all caught fresh from the river.

In the region is also the Hon Chong Bird Sanctuary as well as a large number of fish, birds and animals which make this area their home, for nature lovers this is a great location. Travel up and down the canals or visit one of the islands in the delta area. Phu Quoc is one of the most popular islands where you can dive and relax on the beaches. In fact throughout this area diving and snorkeling conditions are ideal. Tour boats will take you to traditional villages where you can watch and learn about local about the local handicrafts. If you want to go further in land take a jeep excursion.