Make your prayers come true with 5 famous temples in Vietnam


Find out more Vietnamese habits and customs through five Vietnam’s ancient temples that are said to make people’s prayers come true.

Tay Ho temple – Pray for good fortune
Tay Ho temple is one of the holiest temples Vietnam under the temple system of Hanoi. Not only Hanoians but a large number of non-resident tourists see it as among must-visit Vietnam destinations during their staying in Hanoi.

Tay Ho temple is located on a peninsula jutting out West Lake which was formerly an ancient village in Thang Long imperial city of West Lake eastward.

At the entrance of the village, there has been a temple to worship Princess Lieu Hanh who was an admirable woman with great talent in music and poetry. She was also a woman of great righteousness and generosity so she was elevated to the status of Holy Mother by the common people.

After every lunar New Year’s Eve, numerous visitors make a pilgrimage to this Vietnam temple to pray the Holy Mother to grant them with good fortune and luck, at the same time enjoy the beautiful landscape in West Lake which has been featured on many Vietnam temple photos.

Ba Chua Kho temple – Pray for perquisite
According to the rumor spread among the common people, visitors to Ba Chua Kho (Lady of the storehouse) temple on New Year occasion usually pray to “borrow money” for doing business in the coming year.

Businessmen and traders all tempt to enter the temple at any price to pray and present their offerings to Ba Chua Kho. By this way they hope Ba Chua Kho will open her warehouse and lend them “money”.

It is quite complicated to follow the rules of borrowing money set by Ba Chua Kho. Most of people prefer to pray for little perquisite but they do come back next year to present their thank-you offerings to Ba Chua Kho.

Every Lunar New Year occasion, thousands of visitors across the country come to this temple of Vietnam to burn incense and to present their offerings to Ba Chua Kho and pray for a new year of prosperity and happiness.

Temple of Literature – Ask for artful handwritings
On New Year occasion, numerous visitors would like to pay a visit to Temple of Literature.
Most of them are students who ask for artful handwritings with a hope to enhance peace in heart and nobleness in mind for both handwriting givers and receivers.

Thus no matter how much the artful handwriting are charged for, the givers are willing to pay without bargaining as what they usually do for daily shopping. A visit around the temple is also worth to pay because it absolutely offers you many traditional Vietnam temple pictures to add in your photography collection.

Tran temple – Ask for the King’s seal
On every 14th Jan of the Lunar Calendar, a seal opening ceremony is organized in Tran temple located in Nam Dinh province. This is the Vietnam temple to worship the kings in Tran Dynasty.

Although the seal opening ceremony is opened on 14th Jan of Lunar Calendar, numerous visitors already flock to Thien Truong Nam Dinh early since the 7th and the 8th to burn incense and enjoy amazing landscape in spring weather. Tran temple is an ancient place of worship to 14 kings of Tran Dynasty.

Although Tran temple is opened up for more than twenty days of worship, the seal opening ceremony is the most expected event of the year.

According to the rumor spread among the common people, the seal only becomes holiest when it is granted at 23 – 24h of the 14th Lunar January. So hundreds, thousands of visitors flock to Tran Temple just to get the seal at such holy moments.

In order to get the seal at midnight, people have to queue up or take an order ticket long before the opening ceremony.

Chu Dong Tu temple – Pray for good marriage
Chu Dong Tu temple (Khoai Chau, Hung Yen) is a Vietnam ancient temple famous for the love between Tien Dung prince and a poor man, Chu Dong Tu.

The beautiful marriage of Chu Dong Tu and Tien Dung prince lasts forever over the times. Thus many people come here not just to commemorate one of the “four everlasting figures” of Vietnam together with Tien Dung prince and Tay Sa prince, but also to pray for a good marriage and happy family.