Long Bien Bridge Hanoi Vietnam – The bridge of art


Long Bien Bridge Vietnam is a symbol of the capital Hanoi. It is kept in mind of Hanoi people’s memories, and an inspiration to many photographers.

There are two famous bridges in Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam: Long Bien Bridge and The Huc Bridge. The other name of The Huc Bridge is Hanoi Red Bridge while the other name of Long Bien Bridge is Hanoi Red River Bridge. Each bridge has its own history but both of them have a longstanding history.

Generally, Long Bien Bridge is the first steal bridge across the Red River of Hanoi. It was built in the French colonial period of Vietnam in 1898 and finished in1902. This bridge was originally called Doumer, named after Paul Doumer, Governor General of Indochina. Long Bien Bridge became the second longest bridge of the world and the most prominent in the Far East at that time.

Then, it has been called Long Bien Bridge since 1945 and still remained intact for over one century, wearing the old colour of life.

Long Bien Bridge Vietnam is a symbol of the capital. It is kept in mind of many Hanoi people’s memories, not only in war but also in their daily life.

Do you know that Long Bien Bridge is among the most beautiful Vietnam tourist spots to view sunrise and sunset in Hanoi? Sunrays mingled with the yellow brown colour of the bridge create a so romantic view on the river, and as indispensable, it evokes many emotions and inspires a lot of photographers.

Each morning, a lot of farmers and street vendors often cross it from the other side and go to Hanoi Old Quarter to sell their goods and agricultural products as well.

Long Bien Bridge’s architecture is not too special; however, it becomes more beautiful for being across the Red River, the biggest river of Hanoi.

In the evening, rows of iced tea and lemon tea are laid out with a few simple mats. You will find a peace and a little old scenery.

This also a popular place for couples to take wedding photos.

Long Bien Bridge is popular for wedding photosThis is a popular place for wedding photos (idol studio)

Far away from the center about 2 km, but the lives of people here seem to be completely different.