Hon Dam


I call this island as Love Island, because here there are the leafy houses, quiet space. It is so quiet that it seems only for some people.

During my long stay in Phu Quoc to relax and write, my friend tells me that several wooden houses is waiting for me to explore. He promised: “This place is great! Make sure you like it! “

About Hon Dam in Phu Quoc
The real name of this island is the Dam islet, located near the An Thoi port. I call it Love Island, or Robinson Island. After a night of eating and drinking in the island, the next morning wake up to the sound of the waves rushing through the windows, running to the beach for swimming, then discover the beautiful coral.

I do not think coral here is so beautiful, more than Cu Lao Cham, Koh Rong, Koh Samui… Dam Islet is located in the south of Phu Quoc. Here you will experience life without the Internet and the electricity running by solar energy.

In addition, there is no fan here because the sea breeze is always cool, space is extremely quiet, very suitable for couples. During the day, my two brothers are around the island and read at the door of the wooden hut. You can lie in the hammock near the sea all day to enjoy the sea flavor.

The sea is just a few steps from the door of my cabin. This is the most inhospitable place I ever slept on an island. The surrounding scenery is really beautiful. Here are some pictures of the bungalows looked from the outside, rustic with leaves outside.

Stop reading, you can also run out to swim, dive into the coral or take a boat ride around the island. This is also a private boat on the island used to shuttle guests from An Thoi port. The Island looking away from afar is also very beautiful. This is the rock I sat watching the evening sunset.

Late afternoon on the rocks is wonderful. Sunset in Phu Quoc is always beautiful. This angle is not noticeable when the sun crosses the horizon, but the color of the sea and the great space, just like the island is reserved for only a few people.

One day on ‘Robinson’ island in Phu Quoc
Hon Dam has no internet and electricity running from solar power, the island has only a few bungalows made of bamboo and wood, the back facing the sea. During the trip to Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, I had the opportunity to be “Robinson” during a two-night period.

The sea is just about 2 meters away from the door, and at night you can hear the sea waves. On the island does not use electric fans because the sea breeze is always cool.

The first evening, I came to the island to sit in a bamboo hut on the beach with a group of friends in Saigon. Shrimp, fish and freshly squid eggs are very fresh and delicious. The first night, I drunk and slept with the brothers in the house as a dormitory.

During daytime, I explore the small island and enjoy peaceful, pristine space for reading. In addition, I also go to the beach, dive into the coral, chat with the rare Western tourists know this place.

Outside the bungalows just look like the simple house on the deserted island, but inside the interior is quite adequate, suitable for travelers wanting to rest in peaceful places, less frequented. In addition to bungalows for couples or families, Hon Dam also has a dormitory room for backpackers.

I sailed around the island with new friends. This is also the private boat of Hon Dat island to pick up guests from An Thoi port. Sleeping here is also memoriable: the sea winds at night are cool so you need a blanket to cover. All night you only hear the murmuring sound at the door. Sometimes the engine sounds of fishing boats explode through. I slept well until morning …

Watching the sunset is an interesting experience on the island. I and my two German friends climb to the rock, jump on the highest cliff to watch the sunset. The sunset in Phu Quoc is always beautiful. Just like the island is only for some people, that brings a sense of excitement.