Enjoying the amazing beauty of Ta Phin Village


If you are planning a Sapa group tour, you cannot miss a mystic village, Ta Phin Village. The followings will bring you to the beautiful village with impressive culture, unique customs, and wonderful sceneries.

Located about 12 kilometers to the East from Sapa town, this village is the home of two ethnic minorities: Dao and H’mong. Visiting it, tourist will experience a Sapa tour that is typical for the cultural identity of Red Dao group.

Coming to Ta Phin Village, visitors will be attracted at the first sight by the images of Mong, Red Dao women in the colorful traditional costume. Going inside the village, you will see them embroider clothes, scarf and be ready to guide you how to weave and color. According to the Red Dao tradition, a full outfit includes the shawl, shirt, pants, belt, leggings, and sandals. In particular, the costumes must have five colors with the red mainstream.

These products have the special patterns that are reflected through the flowers, trees, and birds. The brocade of Ta Phin is famous for the attractive products with a lot of styles such as backpacks, traveling bags, clothes, hats, etc. They are sold in many areas in our country and exported to some markets including USA, France, Danmark.

In addition, Ta Phin Village also has many traditional handicraft villages like the silver mosaics and forging. Therefore, tourists can buy the unique silver jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and necklaces as the souvenirs for the Sapa culture.

The first destinations for your Sapa group tours when visiting Ta Phin Village is the ancient monastery. Because of situated behind the spindly trees, this place is not really popular for everyone. Coming to this site, you will be impressed by the peaceful and ancient beauty of this monastery.

Although the left is only the ruins, the old monastery in Ta Phin Village is still truly attractive to the tourists by the French architecture of the rock walls. Especially, this place is suitable for those who are interested in taking photos beside the rock walls that look like the sceneries in the fairy tales.

One of the most beautiful landscapes is Ta Phin Cave. In the cave, tourists will feel like crossing the cliffs with the winding roads. The inside space is very impressive: some areas are bloated, some like the woman holding the baby, some like the bathing fairies, some look like the giant tray of sticky rice.

Especially, there is a big stone lying slightly inclined to the footprints of chicken. At the right top of the stone, there are many indentations like the horse’s foot. Ta Phin Cave still has a lot of secret to us and need to be protected and preserved.

Your Sapa tour will become more exciting when you experience the drug bath services of the Red Dao. The fresh or dried medical plants are cut into the small pots and boiled with firewood. You will take a bath in a round wooden box for about 15- 20 minutes. After bathing, you will feel more relieved and refreshing.

According to the Red Dao, taking a bath in the medicine for a long time will be able to cure a lot of diseases such as joint pain, sciatica, muscle weakness, rheumatism, stomach, flu, liver pain, back pain, etc. Particularly, the drug water will help women get a smooth skin, and help pregnant women after birth in blood circulation.

Traveling to Sapa, you not only explore the interesting places but also enjoy the Sapa food tour with many specialties including rice wine, black Chung Cake, sticky rice or steamed corn. All these will make an unforgettable impression on you about the beauty of Ta Phin Village.

Visiting Ta Phin Village, travelers will also learn more about the customs, habits, and daily life of the ethnic community here. The traditional culture of the Red Dao is restored and arranged into the fantastic performances for tourists such as wedding ceremony, “Bai Tram” dance, bell dance, singing, etc. Besides, H’mong people have the swearing festival, worship festival, especially the Gau Tao festival. These festivals will bring you a deep understanding of the Sapa culture.

The above are some attractive beauty of Ta Phin Village that you can explore during your Sapa group tour. Hope that you will have a nice trip with many the memorable experiences.