Da Lat Travel


This is the primary city of the central highlands in northern Vietnam and it is also called The Eternal Spring which translated, means “Stream of the Lat People”. The city makes for a pleasant change from the capital, Ho Chi Minh City, it has a mixture of French colonial wooden homes and the more traditional Vietnam structures. Perhaps the French influence accounts for the radio tower shaped like the Eiffel Tower!

The area is popular for honeymoon couples and wealthy Vietnamese. It also has pleasant weather although temperatures vary according to whether you are on a mountain or in a valley. Because of the favorable weather the soil is very rich and crops grow well here as well as the many forests and plants. The man made Xuan Houng Lake is one of the main attractions and you can rent boats upon the water or take a walk around the shore line although there are also many other lakes, streams and waterfalls in the area.

Take the stairway down from Dai Hanh Street to the market which has a wide promenade running down the middle. Love Valley holds the Da Thien Lake and is a romantic spot for lovers. The Lake of Sorrow holds the legend of a Vietnamese Romeo and Juliet type story during the years of conflict between Vietnam and China. Take the steep tree covered stairs up to the three palaces built in the French colonial style. The 1930′s art-deco style Bao Dai Summer Palace is now a museum showing the house as it would have been furnished when at its prime when the last emperor of Vietnam lived here.

At Prenn Falls you can take the rickety old bridge behind the sheet of falling water or see Gougah Falls which divides into two; one side falling strongly and the other smoothly. The Ponguar Waterfall is perhaps the most impressive and located 50km from the city. See the world famous architecture of the Crazy House designed by Dang Viet Nga on Huynh Thuc Khang Street. The house resembles a tree with windows and other unusual features. There are many ways of getting around the area you can choose between biking, hiking or horse riding, whichever travel style meets your interests.