A Complete Guide To Visiting Bay Mau Coconut Forest in Hoi An


Bay Mau Coconut Forest, Cam Thanh, Hoi An, has already become an ideal and popular destination that attracts a variety of tourists. This forest is named Bay Mau coconut forest because in the past, there were approximately seven acres of coconuts that freely flourish. Until now, it has increased to the number of more than 100 hectares but local people still keep this name as it is so familiar and popular to both Hoi An local people and tourists.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest — All You Need To Know
The most ideal time to visit Bay Mau Coconut Forest is in August, as this is the time nipa palms ripe. Moreover, at this time, it is in the hot summer, so, when coming to Bay Mau Coconut Forest, tourists can be connected to a cool and natural space of the coconut forest. It is not a good choice when tourists decide to go there in October or November as it starts to be rainy, and it is unsuitable for visitors to ride a basket boat here.

Bay Mau Coconut Forest Open Hours:
8:00–17:00, daily
Last redemption time: 17:00
Bay Mau Coconut Forest Ticket Prices:
The ticket to go in Bay Mau Coconut Forest is US$ 1.5 (VND 30,000). There are 2 ways to enjoy tor Bay Mau Coconut Forest::
Boat: US$ 8.75 (VND 200,000)
Basket boat: US$ 5.85 (VND 160,000) — highly recommend
You can pre-purchase ticket online to receive discounts of up to 10% and bypass check-in process.
Bay Mau Coconut Forest Booking Information and Notes:
1 adult is required to purchase 1 ticket equivalent to one basket boat
Basket boat is for 2 adults and 1 child (height under 100cm)
Please wear something comfortable during the activity

Interesting Activities at Bay Mau Coconut Forest
Visiting Bay Mau Coconut Forest, tourists can enjoy the relaxing feelings in a basket boat rowing around the coconut beaches. Following the gentle flow of water, you will see that both two sides are filled up with nipa palms.

You will feel like being covered by the green of nipa palms around. In the quiet and fresh space, rowers row the paddles to make gentle waves, giving a feeling of soft weaving to tourists, which is so distinctive.
Not only exploring the coconut forest, you will have an opportunity to be guided to make DIY rings, flowers, bracelets, glasses… from the coconut leaves here by the rowers. These are also simple village presents as souvenirs for this interesting trip.

Besides, one more attractive feature here that you cannot ignore is the basket boat. These basket boat dance are spectacular, wild and spinning. This activity happens when a tour of more than 10 people comes to visit.

Local Cuisine at Bay Mau Coconut Forest
Coming to Bay Mau Coconut Forest, you definitely have to enjoy the delicious dishes which are so charming and unforgettable, made from fresh ingredients here such as shrimps, crabs, fish… or else, you can also consult some famous specialities in Hoi An such as Vietnamese vermicelli, mixed rice paper, Vietnamese crepe, Hoi An chicken and rice, rice cakes with sauteed mussels, wontons,…

Hoi An is always an attractive destination because of its special attraction which is not only ancient, solemn, contemplative, but also extremely open and modern.
Hopefully, this article can provide you a lot of necessary and useful information so that you can have very interesting experience when visiting Bay Mau Coconut Forest.

How To Get To The Bay Mau Coconut Forest
The Bay Mau Coconut Forest is located in the area of Cam Thanh commune (4km from Old Town — map). There are 2 ways to go to Bay Mau Coconut Forest:

By boat ride: Following Hoi An market road, you have to go to Boating on Bach Dang street to catch the boat.
By road: You can use taxi/private car, motorbike or bicycle. From Tran Phu street, go straight through Nguyen Duy Hieu street, turn right on Tran Nhan Tong street, go straight about 4km more