5 so pretty Sapa cafes to visit as soon as you are in the town


Update some beautiful cafes in Sapa with nice views and cool things for your trip to one of the most famous Vietnam spots.

Sapa is always a “hot” place for tourists, so why don’t you update some beautiful Sapa cafes with nice views and cool things for your trip?

No matter whom you travel with, Sapa always deserves one of the best Vietnam travel services. That is why you should check-in here at least once in your life.

One cool thing to do in Sapa is to go hiking in the mountains to see the snow fall, or see new villa zones or new homestays. You can also have fun while sitting with a hot cup of coffee, slowly enjoy it and see the whole giant mountains and forest, or terraced fields. These whole things will make you less stressful and anxiety inside.

So where is the good coffee shop in Sapa? Let’s take a quick note of 5 coffee shops below!

Gem Valley coffee
The cafe Sapa Vietnam which is always suggested firstly is Gem Valley. It is located 2 km from the center, right the beginning of Cat Cat village and very easy to find.

There are beautiful bunches of flowers hanging at the front of Gem Valley. The color of old brick and wood makes Gem Valley look plain, warm and mountainous.

Inside the coffee shop, there is a small gallery of an artist from Ha Noi.

At the balcony, there is a line of wooden tables with coffee sets. You can look down to see the entire rice valley of Cat Cat village from here. Go further, you can see the huge and mighty Fansipan mountain.

Viet Emotion
Mention to Sapa cafes, you cannot talk about Viet Emotion. It is a small shop on Cau May Street. Viet Emotion is easy to recognize by its green walls and tiny beautiful potteries of flower hanging outside.

Walking into the shop, the first feeling of tourists is cozy with warm colors of the wall and things inside.

They also hang some colorful lanterns that make this place pretty and different from other shops.

Fansipan Terrace
Fansipan Terrace has windy space and a great view making it the best cafe in Sapa. It is on Fansipan Street, 700 meters from the church and quite easy to spot out.

At Fansipan Terrace, tables and chairs are arranged quite simple. The handrail features with a line of flowers in potteries. All of these things will make you feel peaceful and airy.

Actually, Fansipan Terrace is not just a Sapa cafe, it is also a nice homestay with full facility attracting lots of tourists every year.

The Hill
The Hill is one of cafes in Sapa that has warm and pleasant atmosphere. It has two floors made from wood and stone. The Hill looks nice, tidy and quite Western.

The Hill isn’t very big but has enough capacity for tourists. Visitors come here sometimes just to enjoy its warm space and don’t require much about foods and drinks.

The Haven Sapa camp site
Last but not least, The Haven Sapa camp site is in the list of Sapa cafes you should drop by.

It is located in a favorable position, so most of tourists come to Sapa also visit this shop. They usually come here to have a rest after a long trip and take many nice artistic photos there.

There are many reasons to love The Haven Sapa. The rock stairs that is winding like endless, wooden huts with silk strips flying above the whole fields, great views from the top of the hill, the feeling like gently reaching the clouds when putting your hand up… All of these cool things will blow you up when you first put your step into this Sapa cafe.