Vietnam visa has been extended for many countries in the world. India is also part of the programme of visa on arrival but the two things which have to be noted is that you must have a passport that should be valid for 6 months minimum and when you are travelling by air. Two classifications of visa on arrival are tourist visa and business visa of Vietnam. The validity of tourist visa is of 1 month whereas business visa remains valid for 3 months according to the travel period that you mention. It is advisable to opt for visa on arrival for the time duration you want to stay in Vietnam for any purpose.

There are two ways of applying for visa on arrival as well which is through an agent and the other through online process. The reasons for Indians to choose visa on arrival when travelling to Vietnam are as follows:

Simple Procedure – the basic norm of visa on arrival is to apply online through an authenticated site. You have to first download the application form and then fill it in completion after which you will be asked to submit the scanned copy of your passport and other documents as deemed.

Convenient – after the submission of the form you will receive the approval letter in two days of business working day and if you are applying for an urgent visa on arrival, you might get the approval letter on the same day as well via mail which you need to take a printout of. You do not have to go to the embassy to procure visa or approval letter.

High Success Rate – more and more people all over the world apply for visa on arrival programme for going to Vietnam and hence, it has become successful since the process is quick and transparent.

Most of the Indians go to Vietnam on an urgent basis and on a short notice as well so when the time is less and you are left with no other option, visa on arrival works best. Visa on arrival is cheap as well in comparison to other ways of applying for visa. You pay the service fee online. Indians opt for visa on arrival due to the programme being trustworthy. You have to carry your passport anyway along with the visa on arrival and the approval letter. Confusion may arise for all those who travel to Vietnam for the first time. You need to show the arrival letter at the airport after which your entry to Vietnam is a welcoming sight. Getting Vietnam visa by applying for visa on arrival is a swift procedure there is no doubt about it and hardly any loophole will be found since it is recognized by the government of Vietnam. You will not find any sort of hassle or inconvenience caused due to visa on arrival programme. Vietnam has an easygoing policy of visa on arrival which is followed by other countries as well.