Dalat Vietnam gives you the temptation with its chill weather around year, the smell of flowers and leaves in every corner, little cool cafes, and more.
Da Lat is a city of Lam Dong province. It is located in Langbiang plateau in the south of Lam Vien plateau and discovered by doctor Yersin in 1893. Dalat is titled “Little Paris” of Vietnam because of its French architecture.

Dalat Vietnam is the place that gives you the temptation for its chill weather and blue atmosphere in mountainous area. It also makes you want to dress up with warm clothes and hang round the streets which smell in flowers and leaves, take many Dalat Vietnam pictures in some small coffee shops and watch life goes by slowly and slowly, forget everything about noisy and stressful life in the city.

Just those feelings about Dalat Vietnam are enough for tourists to love and not to leave it any more. Shall we recheck some reasons why you must visit Dalat once?

The misty city
Mist in Dalat is one of the beautiful scenes in Dalat Vietnam, it becomes the specialty and also the must have spirit of this beautiful land. In early morning or in late afternoon, Dalat in Vietnam is deep in the lovely and charming mist.

Getting lost on streets and greeting each mist coming and touching your face will give you the chance to feel the mystery of misty Da lat. The mist floats slowly with wind, everytime you wink your eyes, the scenery hidden after the thin mist shows out.

City of flowers
Dalat is actually suitable for its name “the city of flowers” making it one of favorite Vietnam destinations.

Once you step into the city, you will be amazed by the stunning scenery of thousands of flowers blossoming colorfully and fragrantly. Every step in Dalat, you will see soft petals and charming flowers in the gardens, little flowerpots or even at the green grass by the walking side.

A beautiful paradise
Dalat Vietnam tourism becomes favorite for many tourists especially foreigners since its cool fresh weather and blowing mind land views, for example: Langbiang mountain, Golden stream (Suoi Vang), Tuyen Lam lake or ancient architectures like: railway station, education college, etc. or simple traits of grass hills, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, etc.

The city without red lights
According to Dalat Vietnam reviews, some people are surprised by the fact that there is no traffic lights in Dalat. You will not find any red lights or green lights. You can drive around the city freely; discover every corner, every slope without stopping at the red lights anytime like the other cities.

Feeling the weather of 4 seasons
Dalat doesn’t have only two seasons: rainy and sunny season. There are 4 seasons here and a quite interesting thing is that 4 seasons happen in one day: spring in the morning, summer at noon, autumn in the afternoon and winter at night.

Lying curled up in a warm blanket
The weather in Dalat Vietnam is very special as it is chill and a little cold all year. You will never need an air conditioner or an electric fan. The only thing you need is a blanket which is very enough.

You can wrap yourself under the blanket and sleep all day. More interesting is the feeling of rolling tight in a blanket every early morning and see the wandering mist flows outside the window.

Food tastes better there
The chill weather in Dalat makes food in spiral smoke taste better. Every tourist would feel pleased and warm with food here.

Shopping for clothes and wear them right away
Go shopping is what tourists love to do all the time in their trip. In Dalat Vietnam travel, you don’t need to bring too much clothes because there are a lot of good clothes which are fashionable and cheap in Dalat market or second hand market.

Many ones don’t bring warm coats or scarves to there, they can always go to one of those markets and pick up a clothing. There is a variety of woolen clothes for you to choose and wear right.

A paradise of unique second-hand things
Dalat is the place that you can find many unique and cool things which are like new with very cheap prices.

If you are so bored and tired of living in noisy and scramble city, let’s get out of it and head to this peaceful Dalat. To live slowly and feel the beautifulness that life gave to this lovely land.