“Visa on Arrival” is a term used to describe the process of obtaining a visa The types of visas available at Vietnam’s international airports are listed below.
Foreign visitors can currently apply for a Vietnam entry visa in a variety of ways, including at Vietnam international airports, and tourists who want to transit through Vietnam can also apply for this visa. Although the form is straightforward, many travelers find it perplexing since they lack the relevant information. As a result, more information about this sort of visa will be available on this page.

What is a visa on arrival in Vietnam (visa obtained at the Vietnam International Airport)?
Vietnam visa on arrival is a simple and convenient way to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam. When travelers arrive in Vietnam, foreign airports issue a series of visas.

Tourists who wish to receive a visa at Vietnam International Airport must first complete an online visa application form in order to apply for a visa acceptance letter before departing for Vietnam. Tourists will be able to board a plane to Vietnam and obtain a visa at the Vietnam airport with this letter. You do not need to prepare any paperwork or transmit the original passport to any agency when applying for a visa on arrival online.

Is obtaining a visa for Vietnam on arrival legitimate or a kind of fraud?
It is quite permissible to obtain a visa on arrival in Vietnam. Despite the fact that the visa application is submitted through the visa support unit, the Vietnam Immigration Department issues the visa acceptance letter, which permits the applicant to board the plane and acquire the visa upon arrival in Vietnam (not to the service unit). Because the tourist cannot work directly with the visa application department, the support unit serves as a middleman between the visitor and the Vietnamese immigration department.

Because the visa application process in Vietnam is simplified, most travelers who visit the country choose to apply for a visa on arrival. Many units currently supply this service, including ourselves; this website has been supporting Vietnam entry visas for international travelers for many years. Tourists who want to apply for a visa on arrival in Vietnam should follow the steps below:

Visit http://evietnamvisa.org/vietnam-visa/step-1 to apply for a visa online.
You will receive an email visa acceptance, which you will then print. Fill out the entry and departure application form (we will send it to you), 2 4 cm photographs, original passport, and cash visa stamping price at the same time.
At the airport, obtain a visa.
When applying for a visa on arrival in Vietnam, keep in mind that, unlike visas issued at entrance border gates in Cambodia, Thailand, or Laos, where the visa is granted at the Vietnam airport, the applicant must apply for a visa acceptance letter online before flying for Vietnam.
The visa on arrival level in Vietnam is only valid for entry into the country through the Vietnam International Airport. Tourists entering Vietnam by road or sea must apply for a visa from the embassy or (if possible) Evisa before leaving the country.
Tourist passports must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of admission into Vietnam.
The visa application charge for a child with their own passport is the same as the adult visa application fee.
All of the websites that allow advanced visa officers the opportunity to apply for Vietnam airports are currently commercial websites maintained by private companies.