The visa exemption certificate, often known as the “5-year Vietnam visa,” is the longest-lasting of the various types of visas for foreigners entering Vietnam. Because this form of visa is only offered to a limited number of persons. So, what is the paperwork that proves foreigners are not need to obtain a visa to enter Vietnam? to whom are you addressing? How do you go about doing it?

A visa exemption certificate is a document issued by Vietnam’s competent authorities that allows certain individuals to enter the country without having to go through visa procedures. Objects in particular:

Vietnamese residing abroad with a valid passport or international travel document issued by a foreign competent authority; wives, husbands, and children of Vietnamese resident abroad; foreigners are spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens.
In the conditions mentioned above, a visa waiver can be used instead of a traditional visa application.

The following are the two types of visa waiver documents:
Sticker style: On the foreign passports of overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who enter Vietnam, visa-free paper is affixed.
The book’s genre: Only permanent resident permits issued by passport holders of foreign nations and countries and regions with no diplomatic relations with Vietnam are eligible for the visa-free certificate for abroad Vietnamese.
The certificate of visa exemption is valid for a maximum of 5 years. However, unlike a temporary residence card, you are not permitted to stay in Vietnam during this time. You can stay in Vietnam for 90 to 180 days each time you come with a visa-free certificate. 3 to 6 months in length. If you want to stay longer after this time, you must exit or extend your temporary stay.

This data is written down on a piece of paper. You can stamp your passport with a customs stamp to find out when you have to depart the country.

Even if you receive a fresh visa waiver, you must continue adhere to this requirement. We’ve looked into a lot of cases where people have stayed longer than they should have. You’ll have to pay the fee, leave the country, and your profile will be disabled in this scenario.

With a visa waiver certificate, how can I extend my temporary stay?
If a lengthier stay is required after the temporary stay period has expired, the time might be entirely extended. However, the time for another extension is limited (1-3 months). You must also specify the cause for the extension as well as the purpose of your stay. You must return to your native country at the end of this period.

Notes on the Passport:

Because the visa exemption certificate is attached to the passport, pay attention to the passport’s validity time.
A visa exemption certificate can be issued separately if the passport is invalid.
The above are crucial factors to consider while applying for and using a visa exemption certificate. Avoid unwanted circumstances by being aware of and completely adhering to legal requirements.