Foreign tourists need to go through visa formalities in order to enter Vietnam for tourism purposes (except visa-exemption). In basic terms, a tourist visa for Vietnam is a sort of visa provided to foreign visitors who seek to visit the country.

DL is the emblem for a tourist visa in Vietnam (abbreviation for tourism). The maximum period of a tourist visa, according to current laws, is three months.

There are four categories of tourist visas available in Vietnam:

1/ Tourist visa type: 1 month, single entrance.

1 month – A one-month single-entry tourist visa is valid for one month and can only be used once. The tourist’s visa will expire if he or she leaves Vietnam within one month.

2/ Tourist visa type: 1 month, multiple entrance

Multiple entries – 1 month The term “tourist visa” refers to a visa that is valid for one month and allows multiple entries and exits during that time. Foreign tourists can depart the nation as many times as they choose during this one-month period without losing their visa validity. The visa is still valid and can be used in the usual manner.

3/ Type of tourist visa: 3 months, single entrance.

3 months – A three-month single-entry tourist visa indicates that it is valid for three months and only allows one entry. If a tourist leaves Vietnam within these three months, the visa will expire, much like a one-month tourist visa.

4/ Tourist visa type: 3 months – multiple entries

3 months – Multiple entry tourist visa indicates that the visa is valid for three months and allows multiple entries and exits. Foreign tourists can arrive and exit many times throughout this three-month period while their visas remain valid and can be utilized routinely. The 3-month multiple-entry visa, unlike the 3-month single-entry visa, permits travelers to visit numerous times without losing their visa value. That is, the validity of a 3-month multiple-entry visa is unaffected by the number of entries and departures made during the 3-month term.