Moc Chau – Son La, Vietnam is all green and fresh in four seasons. The most favorite thing is colorful flower fields that create a so amazing picture.

Moc Chau Vietnam – the plateau that is all green and fresh in four seasons. There are large mighty mountains and forests, high waterfall with murmuring streams, windy and cloudy Pha Luong mountain, endless green tea hills and a herd of milk cows rambling grazing…

Traveling to Moc Chau Son La, Vietnam, the most favorite thing may be colorful flower fields. Many colors create it a beautiful and fresh picture every month of the year.

Let see which flower season of Moc Chau makes you most satisfied!

Octorber – Endless turnip flower fields
Just take few seconds to search pictures of turnip flowers in Moc Chau -Vietnam, you will find dozens of them in lots of results. And the first picture you catch will be the endless fields of turnip flowesr there, sometimes there are few simple houses at the fields.

The scenery looks like a paradise on earth. Turnip flowers are simple but pretty. They cover all the winding hills and create the unique “specialty” in Moc Chau.

November – Blossoming yellow wild sunflowers, poinsettia flowers
Not very unique like turnip flowers season which lasts from October to February, yellow wild sunflowers and red poinsettia flowers only blossom in a short period of times of 2 weeks. But all still make any viewers satisfied. Among the green hills, there are red and yellow spots adorning for the high land picture of Moc Chau, Vietnam.

December – Buckwheat flowers
If you don’t pay attention, you may miss this flowers that blossom in early December.

Buckwheat flowers also say that spring is coming soon in Moc Chau, Vietnam. Spring here comes quite soon but leaves quite late. Buckwheat flowers are considered as the beginning of spring with hidden dewdrops in tiny branches of flowers.

January – White plum flowers
Another interesting scenery in Moc Chau travel is a white picture of north plum flowers. The north plum flower color is all white over the hill, massive in small hill, some small gardens and large farms.

In January in Moc Chau, wherever you go, you will see all the white color of north plum flowers fulfilled trees more than green leaves. Maybe that is why the flower blossom season comes fast and leaves fast as well. It only lasts in short time of 2 week. Then, all green leaves will take over and cover all trees.

February – Wild cherry blossom flowers
In Moc Chau, wild cherry blossom trees are big and hard, they must be very old. The cherry blossom flower gardens at two sides of high way road blossom after Tet holiday in Vietnam. The flowers seem to hold spring not to let it leave too fast.

May – Full of red plums
Perhaps because of large area, red plum trees also dominate a period of time in Moc Chau, Vietnam.

On harvesting day, tourists can come and join with local farmers to harvest fruits, compete to win the contest who pick fruits faster and join in many special traditional activities here.

How about the other months?
The other months are still special beside the flower seasons in Moc Chau. You still can visit the endless green tea hills beautiful from small buds to harvest time, contemplate green fields, trek at windy Pha Luong mountain top, or drop by Dai Yem waterfall which is dazzlingly white with burbles…

Travel to many Vietnam tourist places and stop at Moc Chau, you shouldn’t forget to try some special foods, for example soya cheese made from veal, grilled fish from streams, buffalo, boar meat, etc., enjoy cow or goat milk that are very fresh with milky smell.

If you ask which month is the best to travel to Moc Chau, just go there whenever you can to experience by yourself because Moc Chau is beautiful in all 4 seasons of the year.