Indian passport holders living in Dubai UAE must apply for a Vietnam visa approval letter before travelling to the country. This visa approval letter is granted by Immigration Department of Vietnam. According to Vietnam immigration laws, any foreigners coming to Vietnam for tourist purpose must be guaranteed by a travel agent in Vietnam. Similarly, they must be sponsored a Vietnamese company if they request visa for their business purpose of entry.

From Dubai, UAE, Indians can request the approval letter for Vietnam visa online. Below is 4 necessary steps to follow

Complete visa application online. The step takes few minutes. Double check your passport to see it is at least 6 month valid left before start the online application
Send payment for visa approval fee. It can be sent online with your card or get the beneficiary details to transfer via Western Union or Bank Transfer
Get letter of visa approval via email after 2 business days. Remember to get one copy of the letter printed out
Present the letter when check in landing visa counter at airport in Vietnam to get visa stamped

On the whole, getting visa for Vietnam is quite simple and fast for Indian living in Dubai. They need not to visit Embassy of Vietnam in UAE to consult and wait. All can be done online easily and few minutes stamping visa at Vietnam airport.

Please do take note that the Embassy of Vietnam in UAE nowadays may reject visa application of Indians without pre-approved visa granted by Vietnam Immigration Department. That’s why; no chance of getting visa at Embassy of Vietnam is applicable for Indians living in UAE.

It is also noticeable that visa on arrival can works in urgent cases when you are in rush for coming to Vietnam. In such cases, just request urgent or super urgent service of Vietnam visa.

Applicable Vietnam visa types for Indians?
Indians can apply for tourist or business visa to Vietnam. The currently visa types allow them to stay 1 month or months in Vietnam.