Before travelling to Vietnam Indians citizens in Malaysia need to request a Vietnam visa or pre-approved Vietnam visa. To get visa, some below notices might be necessary and helpful to bear in mind for Indian nationals living in Malaysia.

Firstly, the Embassy of Vietnam in Malaysia will not grant visa in the usual way like citizens of other countries. Indian citizens may be required to present the guarantee letter of their sponsor in Vietnam or at least a pre-approved visa granted by the Immigration Department beforehand.

Secondly, to get pre-approved visa for Indians in Malaysia, you can totally request online. With pre-approved visa, Indians not only can pick up Vietnam visa at airport on arrival Vietnam, but also at Embassy of Vietnam right in their currently residing country. However, remember to specify the place where you wish to get visa stamped right at the beginning because the two approval documents for getting visa at airport and at Embassy of Vietnam are different.

Thirdly, Vietnam visa on arrival is presently applicable for Indians already, so the trend of getting visa at Vietnam airport is increasing day by day. It cannot be denied that getting visa upon arrival is much more convenient, cheap, and faster than the traditional way of getting at Embassy of Vietnam.

Steps to get a pre-approved Vietnam visa for Indians living in Malaysia:
Request pre-approved visa online
Get visa approval via email and print it out
Get visa stamped at Embassy or at Vietnam airport.

Can Indians use their Malaysia permanent card to apply for visa?
To get visa for Vietnam, an indispensible document is required: a valid passport. Thus, only in case Indians obtain a Malaysia passport, can you use to apply for Vietnam visa. Any card type cannot be substituted.

Applicable Vietnam visa types for Indians?
Regard purpose of entry: tourist and business visa is applicable for Indians. For the validity length, Indians can request visa to stay in Vietnam less than 1 month or less than 3 moth, either single or multiple-entries type.