Recently, Vietnam visa on arrival has been applied widely for foreign visitors coming from almost all countries. So what is visa on arrival, what should you do to request visa, or why should you choose this visa type?

What is visa on arrival?

This is a legal type of visa issued by Vietnam Immigration Department – Ministry of Public Security. With visa on arrival, foreign visitors will be granted visa approval letter. This electronic document can be seen as a clearance that allows visitors to get on board to Vietnam from any country all over the world and pick up official visa when you arrive at Vietnam international airport.

Like visa at Embassy of Vietnam, there are four common applicable sub-types for foreign visitors when requesting visa on arrival: one month single entry visa, one month multiple entries visa, three month single entry visa, three month multiple entries visa.

Vietnam visa on arrival fee

For those people choosing visa on arrival, there are two required fee including visa approval fee and stamping fee. Visa approval fee is also named as service fee. This fee is to process approval letter, and it should be completed in advance. In addition, stamping fee is required to pay in cash when foreign visitors get visa stamping on arrival at Vietnam airport. For detailed quotation fee, please refer to Vietnam visa fee page.

What should you do before requesting visa on arrival?

Presently, visa on arrival is only workable at Vietnam international airports. In other word, it is suitable for people who travel Vietnam by airway only. Therefore, before applying, applicants should make sure that you arrive by plane to Vietnam. In addition, you also should do some things as follows:

  • Ensuring that your passport has valid duration of 6 month upward from your arrival date and has at least 2 blank pages.
  • Checking visa requirement for your nationality. In case you are exempted from visa, you should make sure about exempted duration for your nationality.
  • Making a clear travel plan to determine suitable visa type

Steps to get visa on arrival

After having clear travel schedule, foreign visitors can request visa on arrival by completing a few simple steps:

  • Submitting visa application online
  • Paying visa approval fee through PayPal or by credit card
  • Waiting for processing in two business days at maximum
  • Checking registered email to receive visa approval letter
  • Departing for Vietnam by plane
  • Paying stamping fee and presenting required document to get official visa on arrival

What should you bring to Vietnam for getting visa on arrival?

For visa on arrival, approval letter together with your original passport are indispensable documents. In addition, there are also some requirements that visitors need to present to Immigration officers when you get visa at visa on arrival counter. In order to save your time, visitors should prepare in advance:

  • A printed copy of visa approval letter
  • Completed application form for entry and exit Vietnam
  • 2 passport-regulated photos
  • Stamping fee according to your requested visa type

At visa counter, passenger just need to submit all required document and pay stamping fee, so you can quickly get your passport back with a Vietnam visa stamped on it.

Presently, visa approval letter as well as visa on arrival is granted and managed by Vietnam Immigration Department with a unique code for each passenger. Therefore, it is very secure and reliable. Moreover, this visa type is also very convenient with online procedure. Because of these various advantages, visa on arrival is really a beneficial option for air travelers,