India passport holders living in Singapore are required to have a pre-approved Vietnam visa before getting Vietnam visa stamped at Embassy of Vietnam or at Vietnam airport. This section offers a few important notices on how to get Vietnam visa for Indians living in Singapore.

Traditionally, Indians can source visa for Vietnam before travelling to the country via an embassy of Vietnam in your currently residing country. At present, Vietnam Embassies may require Indian nationals to be sponsored by a travel agent in Vietnam before granting a visa for them. This means, before coming to the Embassy of Vietnam, Indians in Singapore as well as in other countries must have got a pre-approved visa. To get this pre-approved visa you can request online here.

Nowadays, as Vietnam visa on arrival has been applicable for Indians citizens, most of Indians in Singapore will choose to apply for visa to Vietnam online get visa up on arrival at Vietnam airport. This way not only saves their time from visiting Embassy in Vietnam but also save their expense and the related expenses like transportation, etc. Besides, visa on arrival is much more convenient, especially in case you are busy and in rush for coming to Vietnam because getting a pre-approved Vietnam visa can even be done in few hours before your departure with the service of urgent Vietnam visa for Indians.

Steps to get a pre-approved Vietnam visa for Indians living in Singapore:
Firstly, complete online visa application

Secondly, send payment for Vietnam visa approval fee

Thirdly, received the letter of approval via email and get it printed out

Finally, get visa stamped

Indian should carefully consider and must decide whether to get your visa stamped at Embassy of Vietnam or at Vietnam airport.

What is the cost of Vietnam visa for Indian living in Singapore?
Basically, two sub-types of visa cost are included: visa approval fee and stamping fee. Approval cost is charged online by the agent, and stamping fee is charged directly by the Immigration staff of Vietnam. The approval cost for Indian citizens are not same as normal citizen, it is few USD plus for sponsor fee. The stamping cost is the same for every people coming to Vietnam as foreigners.

Can Indians use their Singapore permanent card to apply for visa?
To get visa for Vietnam, an indispensible document is required: a valid passport. Thus, only in case Indians obtain a Singapore passport, can you use to apply for Vietnam visa. Any card type cannot be substituted.

Notice: Who cannot get Vietnam visa on arrival?
Vietnam visa on arrival is issued at airport in Vietnam, so it is a must that you travel by airplane to the country to get visa on arrival. No one can get visa on arrival at Vietnamese sea or land borders.

Applicable Vietnam visa types for Indians?
Currently, Indians can apply for visa to Vietnam for tourist or business purpose. Regarding the validity length, 1 month or 3 month visa types are applicable.

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