Here is one fact that most people would be unanimously agreeing on – that the visa application process is tedious, complicated, confusing and tiring. That is where sites like come in. These websites basically provide you a shorter, easier and cheaper way out. The websites would allow you to apply for your visa online and would allow you to make payment online as well. You couldn’t have it easier than that.

Vietnam visa fee for Indian tourists

Visa type Service fee   Stamp fee
  Tourist visa Business visa is required on arrival
1 month single entry 5 USD 70 USD 25 USD
1 month multiple entries 6 USD 80 USD 50 USD
3 months single entry 20 USD 90 USD 25 USD
3 months multiple entries 30 USD 95 USD 50 USD
6 months multiple entries N/A N/A 95 USD
1 year multiple entries N/A N/A 135 USD

The Vietnam visa fee for Indian citizen isn’t all that high. You will have to pay a service charge to get visa approval letter. Then, on arrival Vietnam at the airport, you have to pay for stamp fee to get the visa. Its US $ 25 for single entry visa | US $ 50 for multiple entry visa | US $ 95 for 6 months visa | US $ 135 for 1 year visa.

You can apply online for your visa at a very low cost. If you were to do that, visit websites like the one mentioned. These sites would require you to submit all your details in an application form online. You would then be handed a letter of approval which must be presented at the international airport of Vietnam.

Make sure that your passport must valid at least six months before you applied for the Vietnamese visa.

The online process as mentioned above is applicable only if you are travelling by air. That is because only certain airports there accept the letter of approval and can provide you with the visa.