Vietnam agreed to lift all travel restrictions, fully reopens its air, land and sea borders from March 15, resumes the unilateral visa exemption policy for 13 countries and bilateral for 88 countries and territories as prior to the pandemic. The government will allow the visa-free entry of tourists who came from eligible countries. They will also start issuing e-visas and implementing the unilateral and bilateral visa exemption again. Visitors can visit Vietnam if you not have any symptoms of the Covid-19 virus, such as coughing and fever.

Requirements Upon Arrival In Vietnam
Visitors must be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and present negative PCR test results before boarding. Visitors are required to install and turn on a health management application during their entire stay in the country.

When they arrive in the country, they need to be tested again and stay isolated for 24 hours while awaiting the test result. If the result is negative, they are free to roam around Vietnam. But even if they are negative, they must monitor themselves for any symptoms. Those who will test positive will need to quarantine at government-approved facilities.

Foreign visitors entering Vietnam must medical monitoring within 14 days as per the guidance provided by the Ministry of Health and must strictly implement 5K. (5K is a program implemented by the Ministry of Health, which stands for Khau Trang (facemask); Khu khuan (disinfection); Khoang cach (distance); Khong tu tap (no gathering), and Khai bao y te (health declaration). They implemented this program to help citizens get used to living the “new normal.”)

Foreign visitors entering the Vietnam must pay for insurance premiums which is about 30 USD per person on average, the insurance will have coverage of 10,000 USD, . It will cover the cost of treatment if the visitor tested positive for Covid-19 and has to be taken to the hospital for treatment.