Urgent visa is required by Indians who might have their relatives staying in Vietnam and to meet them or if any of your relatives get sick you feel the longing to go and be with your closed ones. Urgent visa is granted to the Indians for which the minimum requirement is to have a passport. If you are travelling by land or water the requirement is different for which you have to check from the department of immigration. To get to know about urgent visa here is a guide that will help you:

Types of available urgent visas for Indians – In times of crisis or in urgent matters, Vietnam visa is a must by which you will be on the plane at the scheduled time. To get hold of Vietnam visa you have to apply online to get visa on arrival at the quickest pace. At present, two kinds of visas are granted which are- urgent service and super urgent service. For urgent service, 8 working hours is needed for the processing which is almost 1 day and the other is super urgent service that requires only 4 working hours. To get hold of visa approval letter you have to know about the fee which ranges from 10 USD per person to 25 USD per person.

Get visa on arrival for urgency – During midnight, you will not get visa urgently. To apply for urgent visa you have to apply before 9 pm and during the day. The application needs to be sent online by which the request needs to be sent in your email. The application form will be sent to you and you need to complete it and send it back after which approval fee has to be given. The approval fee is actually the urgent service fee. The transfer of payment has to be quick. The visa on arrival is needed for those who are travelling by air.

Step for visa on arrival – the application visa form has to be submitted online, from the department of immigration you need to check in for the approval letter, getting visa stamp is the next process. For visa approval letter you can request for urgent visa of Vietnam. The processing time taken for urgent service is of 24 hours. For super urgent service the processing time is of 4 hours. You can get visa within 1 hour as well for which the processing time is the same.

All those Indians who are in dire need of getting urgent visa you should get in touch with the embassy of Vietnam or for the application procedure that is provided online with authenticated source and details. Generally urgent visa candidates are provided with the visa but they have to make a quick return as well since the staying period is limited and it also depends on the type of visa that you get hold of. Be rest assured that urgent visa will be granted to you but for that you need to have a calm and peaceful mind without any hassles.