This article is all about guidance on how to get urgent Vietnam visa for Indians who have not yet applied for pre-approved beforehand.

  1. Available types of urgent Vietnam visa for Indians
    If you are in the emergency cases which need to have Vietnam visa to get on plane on schedule time, you are strongly recommended to apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival to get Vietnam visa quickest. At present, two types of urgent Vietnam visa for Indians are available: Super-urgent service which takes only 4 working hours, and urgent service which takes 8 working hours (1 working day) to process Vietnam visa approval letter.

The price for getting urgent Vietnam visa for Indians ranges from USD 10/person to USD 25/person. You can refer to visa fee page to get detailed price for different urgent services.

  1. Step to apply for urgent Vietnam visa for Indians
    It is noticeable that there is no urgent Vietnam visa at midnight. Thus, you should apply for Vietnam visa in urgent service at the daytime and even nighttime before 9.00 pm Vietnam time. To apply for urgent Vietnam visa, Indians should submit Vietnam visa application online or send your request to our email . We will send an application form to you, you just need to complete it and send back to us. And then pay the approval fee which consists of urgent service fee. As we can process your visa request after receiving the payment only, you should make sure that your payment for visa approval fee is transferred well and fast. It is a few working hours later since received your payment, a visa approval letter will be sent your email.

Normally, urgent Vietnam visa is strongly suggested for airway entry only. However, if you want to enter Vietnam by bus, ship or train and have more than 3 working days left to your scheduled arrival date, you can request for Vietnam visa approval code in urgent service and then get official Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy.