It’s great to discover the special love market in Sapa, Vietnam where young people from many villages of North West meet and show love to each other.
Traveling to Sapa, every tourist not only wants to have a chance watching the beautiful scenery in Sapa but also wants to discover the unique special tradition of the local people here.

Boys and girls of Mong ethnic people dance and sing at Sapa love market

One of the very unique traditions in Sapa is Sapa love market which is a special trait of Mong and Dao ethnic people and Vietnam culture and tradition generally.

Love market in Sapa is the place for young guys and girls from many villages of North West to meet and show love to each other. Sapa love market attracts a lot of tourists in Sapa tour coming to know more it every year.

The two words “Love market” comes into people in lowland like social category about love and marriage. It’s explainable but there is still not an appropriate way to define thoroughly these two words.

A market means there is something to sell and buy. However, in Sapa love market, no one sells or buy anything. So it’s not a market, is it? Ironically, the youngsters still come here for a date.

A market is an intermediate place and a connection for most of cultural activities in highland. Therefore, it is understandable that love market in Sapa is the place to give affectionate, loving gestures based on customs of each local minority.

Sapa love market, Vietnam often takes place on Saturday nights every week with many special activities.

In this market, boys and girls will come to meet each other and do many interesting activities for example tug or war, blowing pan-pipe, singing to show love… When the market is over, many couples will get closer, and some of them become long life husbands and wives.

Sapa love market is taken place at the big yard in Sapa church. From the afternoon, at the street and the church yard, you can see a lot of women wearing beautifully gorgeous costumes and a lot of silver jewelries.

In another section, there will be some guys standing around the girls and giving them their recording in cassette tapes which contain their voice singing to show love to the girls. Those guys will play the tapes to the girls then flirt with them and give them some souvenir gifts. When one guy find his love mate, he will slide an engage thing into her hand.

Boys will play the pan-pipe to look for a girl. If one girl likes that boy, she will come close to him. Then he will continue to play pan-pipe, if she is really into that boy, he will take her out for a private talk at the hill side.

This market is not only the place that tourists come to see boys and girls find there loves or see them play the pan-pipe and dance and sing; but also come to watch the mist, buy brocade products and eat grilled chicken eggs or grilled pig’s tripe or grilled corn.

Every tourist coming to Sapa will never forget the interesting moment at Sapa love market.