Good news for all the Indians who need rush Vietnam visa can avail it by getting visa on arrival for which you have to apply online after which you will get an approval letter that you need to show. In many cases people opt for urgent visas through agents. There are many indicators that you have to seek for before making a plunge. The evolving factors that you need to have a look at are as follows.

It is the factor of time – when you apply for a visa online you need to confirm about the calculations system of timing. Rush visa is needed by those who at the end alter their plans of travel at the end moment with no approval letter and other reasons which are not in your hand.

Probability and circumstance – solution is provided depending on the time as well as situation. If you have some amount of time left you need to fill in the form in completion and then make the payment through the process. It happens when you reach the airport and that too on weekend, emergency help is called for. The fees varies but rush visa is not guaranteed and most of the time you have to travel back to your country.

Reasons to avoid rush visa

There are a great many reason that the department of visa prescribe for which includes no guarantee of getting a visa hence, it is best advised that you do not opt for rush visa unless circumstances need so.

Why do you need rush visa?

It is for all those who are getting on board in few days or hours and it is for most urgent cases that you are offered a rush visa Vietnam service where your approval letter needs to be processed. The time taken for rush visa is a working day or working hours that range from 1- 2 or even 4.

Fees for rush visa

The fees for Indians who are opting for rush visa vary from day to hours.

Certain tracking to be checked

When your application is done in completion that calls for 100% online visa on approval, with payment that is done online and for approval letter you need to keep on checking. When you arrive at Vietnam make sure that your approval letter is stamped so as to ensure visa on arrival. You need to submit your passport along with photos and the fee for stamping.

Get help

When there is not much time with you to prepare for photographs or get the approval letter in a printed form, speedup service of the Airport should be of your help. From the gate of flight, the staffs come and pick you up and then you need to go in for clicking your photo. The counter of Immigration will be of help to you. There is some kind of service price that you have to pay and a wait of 15 minutes is required without any hassles or trouble.