Visa on arrival is an excellent opportunity for all the Indians as well as passengers from the other countries to apply for it since 2015 opens up avenues to go to Vietnam. Though there have been few changes according to the law of immigration of Vietnam. Visa on arrival scheme is still available. The basic procedure for applying for visa on arrival is the same that is to apply online in the first place after which you will get the approval letter in 1 or 2 days. There are many reasons for opting for visa on arrival due to the following reasons:

Trustworthy – The program of visa on arrival is trustworthy since it is a legitimate source. The program is the brainchild of the Vietnamese government which is legitimate.

Cheap – The fee that you pay for getting visa on arrival is cheap in comparison to getting visa from embassy and through agents.

Simple Procedure – The procedure for applying visa on arrival is simple in the sense that you need to apply and fill in the form of application online and thereby pay the service fee as well.

Faster than Any Other Process – The program of visa on arrival is fast paced than any other method and the application is checked quickly. In fact you can get visa through the urgent service and super urgent service as well.

Free of Hassles – Visa on arrival program presents to you the finest service in terms of your documents is concerned. You do not have to show as many documents and plans for exit and entry along with your staying whereabouts need not be shown.

Saves Time – visa on arrival program saves your precious time since you do not have to go all the way to the embassy to get your visa. Application online serves your purpose.

As far as tourism department is concerned, it gives impetus to those who opt for visa on arrival as it is no doubt that it is a convenient way of preparing to go to Vietnam for business purpose, for student visa or for holidaying. The only checkpoint which you have to keep in mind is that when you travel by air that is when you get the visa on arrival program. To those who plan for their trip on a short notice are bound to benefit from the program of visa on arrival.

The program has made possible for all the businessmen and the tourists to visit Vietnam easily. At times procuring visa on arrival at the airport might take some time nevertheless, it does make up for going to the embassy and applying for visa which might even take months. Visa on arrival is a program which is fostering growth in almost all the countries and many countries have the program of visa on arrival as a part of the immigration department and tourism is concerned. Though the procedures are bound to change as per rules and regulations yet it provides for a peaceful arrival to Vietnam.