It is imperative for all the Indians who have passport, need visa to travel to Vietnam. The purpose of visit of travelling to Vietnam may vary from business to tourism. There are three new ways of getting visa for travelling to Vietnam but it is upon your choice as to which procedure you opt for. The three options are legitimate and make your task daunting. However if you are making plans to visit Vietnam, have a look at the three procedures:

Through the Vietnam embassy in India – The embassy of Vietnam is situated in New Delhi for which the normal procedure includes taking your passport that has validity till 6 months along with two passport size photos and the stamping fee which is required for Vietnam embassy. The processing time is of working days of about 5-7 days.

Getting the code of visa online – To get the online letter code you have to apply for it. It is an appropriate way to get the code since if the embassy is far from your place you can always get hold of the online course. The steps which are given in the website are quite simple. The service that the online modes provide is quite satisfactory. All you have to do is to go the online website and apply by filling in the application form. The general procedure time is 2 weeks when you will get the code letter approved via mail but get the stamped visa you have to go the embassy. The time for processing is 1 or 2 days of working.

To get visa on arrival – visa on arrival facility is granted to all those Indians who have a passport with them and are travelling by air. The process of getting visa on arrival has become easy and simple. For travelers who are travelling for the first time can get hold of the visa on arrival. If you want to save your precious time as well as money then the method of visa on arrival is appropriate. The procedure to get a code online is akin to getting visa on arrival with the difference that the stamp on visa will be given when you arrive at the airport. It is the latest trend which is catching attention by most of the countries. The procedure is to fill in the application form and you will receive approval letter and some of the other services of travel which can help you in the process. The general processing time is 1-2 days. The fee might differ.

Before you apply for the new methods of getting visa you should take into account other measures, norms and conditions. If you are going for business purpose the rules and regulations are different and the staying period in Vietnam also varies from tourist purpose. When you are travelling as per tourist guidelines the staying period varies. There are many agencies which are fraudulent and you should always in check in from an authenticated organization.