Muong Hoa Sapa, Vietnam is a must-visit place with very beautiful and romantic valley, green stairs sparkling in water and slightly flavor grain odor.

Inside Sapa – a place dim in smoke and cloud, there is a beautiful and romantic valley. It has green stairs sparkling in water, and slightly flavor grain odor. Muong Hoa valley is like a gem hiding itself behind the mist for those who love nature to come and find out.

Muong Hoa valley Sapa is a tilting pan shaped valley, located about 10km from Sapa town. The road to Muong Hoa valley is wavy under the mountain’s rugged slopes with many twists. Therefore, it is easy to see different variations with different landscapes when we take turn at a winding point. Maybe they are rolling mountains, sometimes terraces turning gold or majestic forests.

There is a stream with the same name in Muong Hoa valley. It is about 15km long passing the valley and flowing through the town of Ta Van, Lao Chai, Hau Thao and Ban Ho. The water in this stream is fresh and clean, circling rice terraces. The scenery is charming, poetic and peaceful.

Muong Hoa stream is formed by 22 small streams pouring in from the surrounding forests, so the amount of water is always abundant. Stream flowing rhythm likes the beat of the breath of the people here. Muong Hoa stream – the soul of the foggy valley. The streams give cool water to rice fields in Muong Hoa Valley Viet Nam and make the love of people here bloom.

Muong Hoa Valley Vietnam is home to many ethnic groups. It is a long time since the hills are full of stone until they are covered with nice terraced rice paddy full of ripe rice, it used to be a pristine valley but there are lots of houses now.

Muong Hoa Ancient Stone plain
MuongHoa also has a rather unique ancient stone plain, including the carved rocks. This ancient stone area is over 4 kilometers long, situated among trees and terraces with about 160 stones with mysterious shapes.

The drawings on rocks belong to different ages with diverse shapes such as the sun, the upturned boat, people opening wide his arms.

A lot of scientists around the world have come here and appreciated it as a heritage of mankind. Ancient rocks are not only worth about art but also have spiritual significance, reflecting culture.

Nowadays, ancient stone plain in Muong Hoa Valley was ranked national heritage. It is considered unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese which should be preserved and take more researches.

Golden coveringhills during the rice crops, the distinctive features of the Northwest combined with lyricalimages, all of which make Muong HoaValley become one of distinguishing Viet Nam destinations.

Away from the city, away from the plain, we indulge ourselves in spacious rice fields. MuongHoa Valley made a deep impression on those who have come here and urge them to come back someday.