If you are in Vietnam with a valid visa and would like to stay in the country for a little longer, then going for visa extension in Vietnam is the best way to go about it. Although, the extension procedure is completely dissimilar when compared to applying for a normal visa, as it takes some time. It typically takes almost a week’s time to get a 1 month extension while it may take well over 1 week to even 10 business days to get approval for a 3 month extension.

It is of course issued by the country’s authorized immigration office. During this whole procedure, your original passport needs to be there at the immigration office. So you need to ensure you don’t make use of your passport to travel anywhere else on an airplane. In essence, it’s not possible to apply and get an extension approved right online, as original documents are required by hand. You can avoid the lengthy paper work process by hiring the services of a reliable and experienced agency. This way, they can take care of the whole visa extension Vietnam process, while you keep yourself busy with your tourist activities.

For this, firstly, you would be required to send scanned copies of your present visa and passport along with other details like your nationality, date of arrival, the extension period required and such information to the travel agency. They can look at your documents and come up with the exact fee required to get the work done. In fact, you need to remember that visa extension Vietnam duration needs to be in correlation with your present type of visa. So if you happen to have a 1 month visa with a single entry, then you are just allowed to get an approval for 1 month extension. It works in similar fashion for whether its multiple entries and 3 months visa types. You can keep this in mind while applying for an extended visit in the country.

On the other hand, a visa extension is different from a renewal procedure. You get a new seal stating the duration extended while for a renewal you get a brand new visa stamped along with your passport. So in case you are planning to stay a little longer in the country, you can avail the services of a travel agency who can take care of the extension procedure for you. You no longer have to run around the immigration office carrying documents. It will not matter where you are staying in the country, you can always apply for an extension visa. Just make sure your passport has at least a single blank page left to get the new extension seal on it.

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