I am Indian Nationals and my wife hold UK passport. Kindly advise us how to get visa from India?

According to news updated from Viet Nam Immigration Department, India and UK citizens wishing to enter Vietnam for the purpose of tourist or working in Vietnam are required to apply for visa before entering Vietnam

Currently, due to the diplomatic issue, citizens of India are required to pay higher fee to the authorized visa agent (who request visa for them with the Immigration department of Vietnam. The agent acts as the sponsor who send request for your visa approval to Vietnam Immigration Department.

In case India citizens plan to enter Vietnam and are guaranteed by a company in Vietnam, you should tell the company to contact us to get the guarantee form and guidance on how to complete this form for you. Of course, in this case the applied fee is lower.

Unlike citizens of UK, Indian citizens have a pre-approved Vietnam visa (request online) before they come to Embassy of Vietnam for stamping visa.

Travelers to Vietnam including Indians are encouraged to use visa on arrival because the various advantages that visa on arrival bring about.

Steps to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians
To apply for Vietnam visa for Indians and UK passport, you can either access our link https://vietnamvisaforindians.in/apply.html to complete your visa application online. Right after you have completed the visa application, please do send us to get the further advice and steps. We will check your information and send it to Vietnam immigration for further processing. Your visa request will be approved within 2 working days.

We hope that the above information is clear and helpful for you. Please feel free to let us know if you need further assistance on Vietnam visa for Indians and any other citizens. We are happy to assist you at our best!